My 80's Glamorous Barbies

Big hair, big evening gowns, big glamorous style… the 80’s were a big decade in the history of Barbie! In the 80’s Mattel launched the most beautiful, fabulous and iconic Barbie dolls of the Superstar Era. Here I show you 10 of the most glamorous Barbie dolls in my collection from that unforgettable decade.

There was a lot of fabulous bright and sparkling fabric with sequins, glitter, stoles, ruffles, and “fur” back then with dazzling jewelry that made Barbie look like a royal princess or like a famous movie star. Barbie never shined as brightly as in the 80’s! And with one of the most gorgeous faces created by Mattel, Superstar face mold, this is without a doubt my favorite Barbie decade! These were the Barbie dolls I grew up with and played with. Today they return to be part of my collection. I have already written about each of them. If you want to see more of each Barbie click the link under each photo.

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  1. I’ve been sorting through my daughters’ Barbies from the 1980s, which were all played with, undressed, dressed and undressed again, and eventually ended up in an airtight trunk for about 30 years. There are more than 100 of them. I am restoring them to as close to original as I can, and your website has been invaluable. It is a beautiful website, with beautiful photos of beautiful dolls. Thank you for producing it.

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