Celebration Barbie 1985

Let the celebration begin with Celebration Barbie, a Special Limited Edition on occasion of Sears 100th Anniversary! This beautiful Barbie doll from 1985 conveys the joy of the holidays to come!

Let the celebration begin!

Celebration Barbie, made in Malaysia in 1985, is a very special Barbie designed exclusively for Sears’ 100th Anniversary. She captures all the sophistication and glamour of the Barbie Superstar Era! However, Celebration Barbie is one of those underrated dolls from the 80’s and I really don’t know why! She has one of the most beautiful faces of the Barbie Superstar Era and her big ball gown with ruffle stole perfectly reflects all the glamour of that decade. That’s why she’s one of my favorite Barbie dolls in my collection! I love the big dresses, the ruffles, the shine, the extra-long hair, in short, everything that characterized what for many has always been the best Barbie Era… the Superstar Era! Celebration Barbie has all of that!

She sparkles in her stunning rhinestone necklace!

Celebration Barbie has such super long and beautiful silky blonde hair that you can style it in different ways! In fact, she is one of the glamorous Barbies with the longest hair at the time alongside Dream Glow Barbie and Jewel Secrets Barbie. She also has this gorgeous superstar face that makes her unique and special. I love how the dimples look on her! She also has pretty blue eyes made up with blue eyeshadow and long eyelashes that along with the pink lipstick gives her a fresh and festive look.

Sears 100th Anniversary Celebration Barbie doll #2998

Celebration Barbie comes dressed in a splendid festive ball gown perfect for celebrating any evening occasion. Her dazzling outfit consists of a long skirt lined with silver fabric and then two layers of pink over top with small shiny silver dots, and a ruffled boa stole of the same fabric as the overskirt. For a less formal look, you can remove the skirt to reveal the shimmering silver jumpsuit that she can wear with or without the stole. As you can see, her outfit is not only beautiful but also very versatile!

She shines in her silvery jumpsuit!

Celebration Barbie comes with the fanciest accessories! She brings superstar diamond jewelry including earrings, ring and a necklace with extra-large rhinestone that sets her apart from other Superstars Barbie dolls. Celebration Barbie also comes with a pretty hot pink velvet jewelry purse with silver ribbon, pink heels, pink ribbon to wear on hair or waist, pink hairbrush, glittery silver wrist tag, and a pink doll stand with metallic silver label that reads Special Edition Celebration Barbie Doll Sears 100th Anniversary. This special limited-edition Barbie comes in a pretty pink commemorative box with a very shiny silver insert that makes her look like she’s in a Sears store window! Let’s celebrate with Celebration Barbie the holidays that are approaching and enjoy the season!

Pretty jewelry holder can be use as evening purse, perfect for the holidays!
Let’s celebrate!

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  1. Beautiful photos! She’s one of my favourite Barbies, too. I agree that she seems to be underrated and I also don’t understand why!:)

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