Jewel Secrets Barbie was a doll that I wanted to have when I was a child. Now as an adult I have her! Not one, but two of them! I want to share with you my two versions of Jewel Secrets Barbie, from Malaysia and Philippines, see their differences and tell you what I think about this beautiful Barbie made in 1986.

First, let’s talk in general terms. Jewel Secrets Barbie is Mattel’s #1737 doll. She comes in a satin pink long skirt with silver glitter stripes. Something pretty cool about this Barbie is that her skirt turns into a purse for you! When you remove her skirt, Jewel Secrets Barbie wears a pretty shiny silver mini dress with ruffle. She brings an extra blue ruffle that she can wear in various ways, such as under the mini dress or on her shoulders.

Jewel Secrets Barbie made in Malaysia.

For a more formal look, you can redress Barbie with her skirt. You only have to pose her in a straight standing position, fit doll into skirt, and pull ribbon around waist. The skirt has a cardboard base inside for doll to stand. Jewel Secrets Barbie brings a nice silver necklace with “jewels.” A plastic jewel changes color, pink, turquoise or white, when you turn a wheel on the back of the necklace. Also comes with glittery shoes, ring, earrings, brush, instructions, and a storybook titled: “The Night of Jewel Secrets.”

Jewel Secrets Barbie made in Philippines.

Jewel Secrets Barbie Malaysia version has beautiful long blonde hair. She has a fairly light “skin” tone. In fact, her face tone is much lighter than the rest of her body. She has more accentuated makeup. Her eyes are more violet blue, and the shape of her face is more square.

Jewel Secrets Barbie Malaysia version wearing her beautiful necklace with jewels.

On the other hand, Jewel Secrets Barbie made in Philippines has a “skin” tone like tan. Her eyes are blue and her face is more oval in shape. Her makeup is softer and she also has gorgeous long blonde hair.

Jewel Secrets Barbie Philippines version wearing the pretty blue ruffle above her shoulders.

Despite their differences, I have to say that I love my two Jewel Secrets Barbies. They both have things that I like. I love the hair texture of Philippines version, very soft and silky, as well as her “skin” tone. And, in general, I like the outfit of the Malaysia version much more. I find that the lace on her skirt looks much more elegant and delicate than the other version. Also, I think the eyes of the Malaysia version are much more striking. Anyway, both versions of Jewel Secrets Barbie are beautiful and unique!

Which version of Jewel Secrets Barbie do you prefer?


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