Top 10 Barbie Dolls of the 80's

Barbie dolls are my favorite toy of my childhood, and they still are in my adulthood! Here I share with you my Top 10 favorite Barbie dolls of the 80’s. Check out my list!

It was really hard for me to choose the 10 favorite Barbie dolls of the 80’s from my collection because each one of them is very special. The 1980’s were the decade I grew up playing with Barbie dolls, so the Barbies of that decade have a lot of meaning to me. But if I had to choose between all of them, without a doubt these ten would be the chosen ones. Putting these ten in order wasn’t easy either! Some of them I consider the most beautiful, while others have mainly sentimental value for me. In my Top 10 I included some Barbie dolls that I got to play with as a child, some that I wanted to have in my childhood but that until now as a collector I have been able to acquire, and others that I consider as the most beautiful among the Barbie dolls of the 80’s. So, as you can see, I have several reasons to include these ten to my top list. If you want to see more detail about each of the Barbie dolls in my Top 10, click on the link below each photo. Which are in your Top 10 Barbie dolls of the 80’s? Do you see any of your favorites on my list?

10. Tropical Barbie

1985 Tropical BarbieWith the longest hair ever!

9. Celebration Barbie

1985 Celebration BarbieA very special Barbie designed exclusively for Sears’ 100th Anniversary!

8. Jewel Secrets Barbie

1986 Jewel Secrets BarbieHer gown turns into a purse for you!

7. Dream Date Barbie

1982 Dream Date Barbie-She’s everybody’s Dream Date!

6. Dream Date PJ

1982 Dream Date PJThe best looking date around town!

5. Pink & Pretty Christie

1981 Pink & Pretty ChristieOver 20 absolutely dreamy looks!

4. Jewel Secrets Whitney

1986 Jewel Secrets WhitneyJeweled belt becomes a crown!

3. Golden Dream Barbie

1980 Golden Dream BarbieShe’s got the billion dollar look!

2. Peaches n’ Cream Barbie

1984 Peaches n’ Cream BarbieWith glamorous change-around stole!

1. Crystal Barbie

1983 Crystal BarbieShe shines with glamour!

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