She’s everybody’s Dream Date! With tons of looks for tons of dates, Dream Date Barbie is on my top 10 list. This Barbie was one of the first dolls I played with as a little girl. That’s why I felt the same excitement opening a box with a brand new 1982 Dream Date Barbie as many years ago.

Shawl Look

Mattel’s Dream Date Barbie doll #5868 is an icon of the 80’s. I’m not sure which version I had as a child, but this one you see here was made in Taiwan. With beautiful golden blonde hair and purple eyes, this Barbie has been a favorite of many for decades. In fact, some have mistaken her for Crystal Barbie as she also has purple eyes, but they have their differences.

Fancy Sleeve

But what is it about Dream Date Barbie that we love so much? Ok, let’s keep it simple … it’s her gown! A dream dress come true for Barbie! Her fabulous fuchsia fashion with purple accents consists of a sparkly sequin top and a matching nylon satin skirt with a ruffled wrap that swirls to the floor! And how to forget the satiny purple cummerbund with that shimmering rose on the side! I really love it!

Ruffle Skirt

There are many ways to use the ruffle wrap skirt. Just use your imagination and design some of your own. But, she comes with a pamphlet which gives you various ideas on how to arrange her skirt with specific instructions. Among the different looks that you can design are the shawl, fancy sleeve, ruffle skirt, peplum, a collar, and you can even place the ruffle around doll’s head! She certainly has the best Dream Date look in town!

Peplum Look

Dream Date Barbie also brings jewelry, fuchsia open-toe high heels, and mini comb, brush, “mirror” and “perfume” bottle for her in light purple color.

Dream Date Barbie Accessories

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