Lights, Camera, Action! Magic Moves Barbie is a movie star from 1985! She has all the magic moves! At the touch of a button, she moves her arms all by herself! She really moves like a glamorous superstar!

Magic Moves Barbie is a very beautiful Barbie! She’s Mattel doll #2126. I love the version made in Taiwan! I find that she’s sweeter than the Philippines version. She has a light “skin” tone that goes perfectly with the soft blue eyeshadow and fuschia lipstick. She also has gorgeous blonde hair, pretty blue eyes, and a spectacular superstar face! Magic Moves Barbie is definitely one of my favorite Barbies!

Magic Moves Barbie comes with a fabulous outfit! She has a light blue and white “fur” trimmed cape. Underneath, she wears a glimmery light blue bodysuit, and a full-length skirt with a glittery silvery belt at the waist. The belt has the same design as the bodysuit neck. She also comes with blue heels, earrings, and ring. Doesn’t she look amazing?

Something wonderful about Magic Moves Barbie is that she has a button on the back to make her arms move; she can move both arms up at the same time, or move only one arm, to “dry” or brush her hair. She can even push back the hood of her cape! Just push the switch and she moves!

Barbie is preparing for the audition.
She needs to be fabulous!

Magic Moves Barbie is always ready for every audition! She brings everything she needs to look beautiful on camera. She comes with hair dryer, 2 brushes, comb, and press out makeup case, magazine, newspaper, portfolio, 3 photos, and address book. Barbie has every move very well-thought-out!

Barbie is ready for the audition. She looks gorgeous!
So much suspense! Barbie is doing a very good performance. She’s a great actress!
Congratulations, Barbie! You got the lead role in the movie!
Magic Moves Barbie Accessories.

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  1. One of my favorites Barbies from my favorite era ! I have Taiwan and Philippines and I have to agree, Taiwan has a sweeter face and her hair seems better quality. Philippines has more of a haughty look. Beautiful pictures! ❤️

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