I’m very excited to present to you the most recent photo shoot I did for my Island Fun dolls! It’s something different that I wanted to do this summer with my Barbies!

Several weeks ago I had the idea of taking some photos somewhat different from the ones I’ve been taking for this summer. I’ve already posted several photos of my Barbie dolls at the beach, so I wanted to display them in a different scene but still within the summer theme. I live on a tropical island where there are waterfalls that people usually visit, especially during this hot season, although it is not recommended to visit these bodies of water during the rainy season since the rivers can represent a danger to life. Indeed, it has been raining heavily all these days, especially for my town.

Barbie just made a new island friend! It’s a beautiful macaw!

It was quite a challenge to take the photos. I wanted to use natural light and it has been cloudy all these days since early in the morning and then in the afternoons it rains. Due to the rains there are a lot of mosquitoes around, added to the bees that are always hanging around my yard looking for flowers…that’s why taking these photos became a real Island Fun! Real situations of living on a tropical island that added realism to the photo shoot!

“Hello, beautiful birdie!”, says Miko. She loves the gorgeous colors of her new friend!

So, I opted for a waterfall background, a tapestry I bought on Amazon, like the other tapestries I’ve used for my other beach photos. And who better to pose in the waterfall than Island Fun Barbie and Island Fun Miko! For me they are the perfect models for this scene! I wanted to add some more color and make the photos more dynamic. So I thought I’d add some tropical birds, a couple of macaws and some hummingbirds that seem to interact with Barbie and Miko. For that I used the Picsart app that has some very cool stickers that look very real.

Everything is beauty and quietness on the island!
And surely you’ll find the best and most loyal friends on the island too!

I have to mention the big rocks in my yard that are for my kids to play with their Rock Crawlers. I wanted to take advantage of it and I think it looked great! The stones realistically blend into the scene, as if popped out of the tapestry! I add few small flowers between them to complement the landscape, and that’s it! Island Fun Barbie and Miko enjoyed a beautiful natural landscape that represents the fun on the island!

But now, it’s time to cool off in the waterfall! There’s lots of Island Fun with Barbie and Miko…and of course, their new friends too!

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