Once upon a time there was a little girl who dreamed of a beautiful crystalline princess, dressed in an iridescent sparkly dress and shiny shoes, who lived in a crystal palace. This princess had beautiful blonde hair and gorgeous purple eyes. The princess shone in TV commercials and toy store catalogs. The girl’s eyes were shining too! It seemed impossible to achieve, but the little girl didn’t stop dreaming for the next 38 years!

Yep! That little girl was me! And the beautiful princess was Crystal Barbie from 1983. Crystal Barbie had something that the other Barbies didn’t have. It was something I couldn’t explain at my young age. But every time I saw Crystal Barbie on TV or in a magazine, she made me daydream! I had never wanted a doll as much as I wanted Crystal Barbie! I don’t know exactly what was the reason I never had her. Maybe my parents couldn’t afford it, or maybe I had already asked another one for Christmas and I didn’t dare ask my parents for Crystal Barbie too. I was always a shy girl. Maybe I never said anything at all and it was something that was only in my head… for 38 long years!

Crystal Barbie doll #4598

But, dreams do come true! It doesn’t matter how much time has passed! For my 43rd birthday, my Prince Charming, I mean my husband, gave me Crystal Barbie along with other Barbie stuff! He knew how much this Barbie meant to me. Needless to say, I cried and cried like a little girl, like the girl I still had inside of me! And it was there, exactly one year ago, that the wonderful adventure of being a Barbie collector began! It all started with Crystal Barbie, my favorite Barbie doll ever!

Crystal Barbie made in Philippines, with gorgeous superstar face and pretty purple eyes!

I really love the version of Crystal Barbie made in Philippines! It’s my favorite version! I love the soft purple shade of the eyeshadow that accentuates the purple color of her eyes, the blush on her cheeks, and the color of her lips. It’s a beautiful makeup! But, now I know what it’s that fascinated me so much about Crystal Barbie as a child; the same thing that has always fascinated us all: her glimmering, shimmering formal gown!

She shines with glamour!

Her breathtaking ensemble is made of pearlized fabric that looks like sparkling crystals that catch and reflect light! She carries a matching boa trimmed with ruffled tulle that she can use in different ways. Her shoes are sparkly high heels pumps, like Cinderella’s, and she wears a pendant necklace, matching earrings, and ring. Crystal Barbie shines with glamour from head to toe!

Today I turn 44! But Crystal Barbie keeps making me dream like when I was five! Do you keep dreaming? Do not give up on your dreams and you’ll see them come true!

Crystal Barbie brings a hairbrush, comb, and a shiny Barbie necklace for you!

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      1. moi je l’ai eu Enfant d’ailleurs je l’ai encore je la garde précieusement avec les autres moi ma préféré c’est princesse Laura

  1. I have a similar story to tell about the Day to Night Barbie. I saw her in a booklet when I was a child. When I started collecting Barbies, she was number one on my list and it was also a gift from my husband:)

    Your photos are beautiful! Do you publish them on Flickr, too?

    1. Oh yeah! We have similar stories! I’m glad you like my photos. At the moment I am not posting on Flickr. Thank you very much for your visit and for sharing your story!🥰

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