Golden Dream Barbie 1980

Look who’s getting ready for the upcoming holidays! She is Golden Dream Barbie, the doll who glitters like gold from head to toe! She’s got the billion-dollar look, and with her festive look she’s one of my Top 3 Favorites!

Golden Dream Barbie from 1980 is one of the most beautiful Barbie dolls ever released by Mattel! I know many will agree with me. She’s one of those Barbies who rip a “WOW” out of your mouth, and she’s so 80’s! From head to toe, Golden Dream Barbie is a true icon of the 80’s decade! Her hair, her outfit… everything reflects the glamour of the best decade in history and the best era in Barbie’s history too, the Superstar Era! That same year, Mattel released a special edition of Golden Dream Barbie that included a gorgeous furry coat and evening bag. Of that special version, in 2015 a reproduction was released.

“She’s got the billion-dollar look!”

I really love this Taiwan version of Golden Dream Barbie. She has these unique and beautiful cerulean blue eyes that you can’t confuse with others. She wears a beautiful night makeup that goes very well with her outfit. Her makeup consists of a very nice golden olive eyeshadow and a coral lipstick, and soft and delicate eyebrows that highlights the features of her gorgeous superstar face.

Golden Dream Barbie has a “Quick Curl” hair with golden tinsel threads that you can mold to create different hairstyles. You can style her beautiful layer cutting and highlighted blonde hair in so many different ways, but with Farrah Fawcett style you will never go wrong! She brings elegant white and golden hair accessories including “curling iron,” styling foam, brush, comb, barrettes, decorative combs, and hair arranger.

Golden Dream Barbie made in Taiwan.

Golden Dream Barbie looks like a real golden statuette! She is dressed in a gold lamĂ© bodysuit with matching pants. Over her pants she wears a glimmering sheer hostess skirt that ties in front and is edged in gold trim. Her matching cape also doubles as a glamorous hat, and she wears glittering gold arm sleeves, clear T-strap open-toe heels, and a glistering necklace, ring, and earrings! Other versions of this Barbie come with clear “gem” on her jewelry. If you are lucky like me, you will find the version with the golden letters “Barbie” on the box; That version brings “golden gems!”

And finally, let’s talk about that art on the back of the box. What a beautiful work of art! All those amazing illustrations showing the different hairstyles and ways to wear her outfit! I remember growing up seeing those illustrations in toy catalogs and Barbie’s booklets. The truth is that Mattel did an extraordinary job during the 80’s and put at our disposal the best and most beautiful Barbie dolls during our childhood.

Golden Dream Barbie #1874

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