No other Barbie says “I Love You” like Loving You Barbie! This gorgeous Barbie, made in 1983, is another iconic Barbie doll from the 80’s. With stationery, stamper and stickers, Loving You Barbie has so many ways to say “I Love You!” That’s why she’s everyone’s sweetheart and also part of my Barbie top 10!

Loving You Barbie doll #7072

This Valentine’s Day I received the Philippines version of Loving You Barbie and I have to say I fell in love with her! I think I had underestimated her a bit, but when I saw her in person she exceeded my expectations! She’s so beautiful! Her hair is silky golden blonde and her eyes are a pretty cerulean blue! To be a doll of almost 40 years, she’s perfect! My Loving You Barbie was NRFB. And I say “was” because I’m a deboxer. I love to enjoy my Barbie dolls out of the box; for me that’s the true value they have. The only thing my Loving You Barbie had was melted rubber band in her hair, like caramel, but with a little love I fixed that.

Loving You Barbie with her sweetheart gown.

Loving You Barbie has a fashion that comes from the heart! Her sweetheart gown has a fitted red velvet heart shaped bodice. I have to say that I really love those fabulous puffed sheer sleeves covered in tiny lovely hearts! She comes with detachable matching floor-length bouffant skirt trimmed with red at the hem, and she wears panties too! Loving You Barbie completes her loving look with white open-toe high heels and a ring with matching earrings.

She’s everyone’s sweetheart!

Loving You Barbie comes with 50 sheets of heart-shaped stationery that come in a pretty heart-shaped box with sculpted Barbie face top. She also brings a stamper that fits doll’s hand, pencil and heart-shaped stickers to decorate your notes. There’s everything you need to make special messages for your loved ones! She also comes with red brush and comb. So, as Loving You Barbie don’t forget to say “I Love You” today!

Loving You Barbie lovely accessories!

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