Dream Glow Barbie 1985

Dream Glow Barbie is glamorous by day, glowing at night! Beautiful as a starry night, Dream Glow Barbie has one of the most beautiful gowns among the Barbie dolls of the 80’s, becoming a classic icon of that decade and a favorite of our childhood.

Dream Glow Barbie from 1985 is one of the sweetest Barbie dolls ever! With an angelic face and a dreamlike dress, she looks like a Victorian princess ready to take a walk through the palace gardens! The truth is that I found it difficult to have this Barbie in my collection. She was one of my grail dolls, but my beloved husband gave me her as a gift on our last Wedding Anniversary. This Barbie doll really is a dream come true in every sense of the word! Made in Taiwan, my Dream Glow Barbie has the most beautiful features among all versions, in my opinion of course.

Dream Glow Barbie 1985
Dream Glow Barbie went for a walk in the yard. After a light shower the sun comes out again!

One of the things I like most about Dream Glow Barbie is her hair. She brings her beautiful silky long blonde hair arranged in a pretty ponytail. I like that she wears her hair just as it originally came. She really has a long and full hair! Also, her eyes are very beautiful, bluish violet, with a soft blue eye shadow, unlike the Philippine version that has much stronger eye shadow. So, this version has a fresher and more youthful look. I think Dream Glow Barbie is easy to identify among other Barbie dolls by the peculiar shape of their arched eyebrows. All that set of features make her have one of the loveliest superstar faces of all!

She is enjoying a pleasant afternoon outdoors!

Now let’s talk about what fascinates everyone about this Barbie doll…her starry gown! Dream Glow Barbie comes in a fabulous dress with hot pink velvet bodice and long wide skirt in light pink with matching stole, both with lace detail and glow-in-the-dark stars! The stole can be used in many ways, including attaching to the parasol she brings and that also glows in the dark! Her pink heels are made of the same glow-in-the-dark material! Isn’t it cool! What a lot of fun you could have playing with Dream Glow Barbie! Do you remember when you entered a dark room or went into the closet to see her dress glow? What great memories! It was like magic when the stars on her dress started to glow!

It’s getting dark, Barbie! Better get ready for tonight’s ball!

Dream Glow Barbie also brings earrings, necklace, ring, and pink hairbrush. She brings an instruction booklet for you to see all the ways you can change her stole and teach you how you can place her stole on the parasol. It’s really amazing to see how after almost 40 years her dress still glows! Dream Glow Barbie, one of the best Barbie dolls ever that continues to glow in our hearts through time!

Dream Glow Barbie 1985
Dream Glow Barbie is ready to glow tonight!
Dream Glow Barbie doll #2248

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  1. La narracion ha sido tan hermosa que parece magica la descripcion de la barbie. Que nostalgia verla brillar! 💖

  2. Got for Christmas in 1985 probably, so I was 7. Really magical star wintertime energy to her. Had really good Saturday morning cartoons back then so my imagination ran easy. All the Christmas forest elf stuff of stop animation helped too. The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus (1985)

    This and a Sweet Roses PJ were favorites.

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