Day to Night Barbie is looking great at the office or on the town! She’s another great Barbie doll from my childhood, and I’m happy to have her in my collection again. There were many hours of play and fun with my friends. That’s why Day to Night Barbie will always have a special place in my heart.

Made in Taiwan in 1984, this Barbie went Day to Night as a powerful CEO. She celebrated the workplace evolution of the era and showed girls they can do anything. To start her hard day at work, she wears a double breasted pink velvet suit jacket (my favorite thing about her), and a matching straight skirt. Her jacket has white lapels and buttons that accent her white hat with its pink and white polka dot band and her white and pink high heels pumps (shoes you see in photo are night shoes).

Day to Night Barbie #7929

Other fashionable business accessories include a pretty pink neck scarf, ring, earrings, shoulder bag, and Barbie business briefcase! Day to Night Barbie also brings a calculator, “newspaper,” “magazines,” “credit cards” for her and you, labels, comb and brush.

Day to Night Barbie working with her calculator.

Barbie is well suited for city Day to Night life. After a long day at the office, and multiple appointments, Barbie is pining for some city night dining! Her beautiful suit becomes glamorous gown! She wears a glittering dinner dress with a fitted bodice of pink lamé and a bouffant skirt of sheer pink nylon that seems to float over a pink sheath underskirt! All you have to do is remove her jacket, her scarf and reverse her skirt, and this transforming Barbie style can look as different as night and day!

Barbie wears pink open-toe heels at night. You can also tie the scarf at her waist to complete her evening look.
Day to Night Barbie looks beautiful in her glittering dinner dress!

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