What time is it? Funtime Barbie knows what time it is! It’s fun time! Funtime Barbie has fun all the time and all the time is fun time with Funtime Barbie! Now that school is over and summer vacation is here, Funtime Barbie has no time to waste! She knows very well how to spend her fun time!

Funtime Barbie doll #3718 Asst. #3719

Funtime Barbie is one of my favorite Barbie dolls from the 80’s! No other Barbie says fun like Funtime Barbie! I’m so glad to have her in my collection, and to get her NRFB without white spots on her legs! That is definitely an achievement because the vast majority of Funtime Barbies have white spots on their legs because the plastic breaks down over the years, especially those made in Philippines. My version is made in China, and maybe that’s why she has her legs in perfect condition.

Beautiful superstar face!

I really love Funtime Barbie superstar face features! Those pretty vivid blue eyes and makeup! The light pink eyeshadow with matching lipstick give her that fresh, young, and fun look that we all love! Funtime Barbie also has beautiful long blonde hair that I love to style in so many fun ways. But the hairstyle that I like the most is the one that she originally wears because it makes her look playful, ready for fun. Funtime Barbie truly is a beautiful doll!

Cool and fun 80’s look!

Something really fun about Funtime Barbie is her outfit and the accessories she brings. Funtime Barbie comes in different outfit color versions: pink, blue, and lavender. I got her in lavender, and that’s another reason to be happy because lavender has always been my favorite! She wears a crop top and sparkly shorts. Her top has a round vinyl and plastic “clock” with hands printed on it. You can move the plastic circle as if the clock were changing time. She also comes with translucent plastic sunglasses, large round pink earrings with clock sticker, sparkly headband, and her own pink watch so Barbie always knows what time it is!

What time is it, Barbie? It’s Fun Time!

Funtime Barbie also comes with tennis shoes and checkered socks that complement her 80’s look. She also brings a hairbrush so you can style her beautiful blonde hair in a fun way. But the best that Funtime brings is a real child-size watch! The watch comes in three different designs and colors according to the Funtime Barbie version. I remember my school years when the girls would show off their watches and we would all go crazy about it! What fun times!

Child-size working watch!

So as you can see, Funtime Barbie has fun all the time! Right now she’s ready to have fun with all her friends…at the park, the beach boardwalk, the arcade games, the Malt Shop, or just having a nice chat…the possibilities are endless with Funtime Barbie! What fun time will you have this summer?

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