Come with your friends to Snack Time Malt Shop before spring break is over! Here you can enjoy a juicy burger with fries and a refreshing soda, a creamy ice cream, or just one of the best milkshakes in town!

For a long time, I had wanted to make this Barbie Malt Shop diorama and finally I did! I love all that retro style of the 50’s soda fountains! Vintage Coca Cola signs, a gleaming counter, chrome stools, vinyl-covered booths, checkered floor, jukebox playing crooners, swing bands, and rock ‘n’ roll hits, delicious milkshakes served on high glassware…In short, a cozy place in which lovers met and friends had a good time. It’s nice to still be able to see some soda fountains and malt shops in the style of the 50’s evoking a sense of nostalgia in those who visit them.

I wanted to recreate at least a little bit of that iconic look of the malt shops of the 50’s. I found my inspiration in Cool Times Barbie Snack Time Playset and in Malt Shoppe Barbie from 1992 which I used as “soda jerk girl” with her hot 50’s look in light blue and pink. I also used 1978 Sun Lovin’ Malibu Skipper, 1986 Funtime Barbie, 1988 Cool Times Barbie, and 1988 Feeling Fun Barbie as the fun and cute diners. I really enjoyed making this Barbie diorama! I hope you like it and enjoy the photos and story!

At Snack Time Malt Shop you can always complement your menu selection with a refreshing soda! “Here are your soda drinks,” says the beautiful and very attentive soda jerk.
“Can we eat now?” Skipper asks. “I’m starving!”
Feeling Fun Barbie enjoys a juicy steak sandwich with fries.
Skipper ordered a tasty burger also with fries. She feels happy to share with her older sister in such a cool place!
Snack Time Malt Shop is also a great place to meet up with good friends!
Funtime Barbie and Cool Times Barbie enjoy their meals while chatting pleasantly.
At Snack Time Malt Shop we prepare the best milkshakes in town for only 15 cents!
“Here is your strawberry milkshake. Enjoy it!”
Barbie Malt Shop Diorama
“Thank you very much!” says Cool Times Barbie. “What an excellent service!”
“And the food is the best!” says Funtime Barbie as she adds some ketchup to her crispy fries.
How about some music from Barbie and The Rockers to set the mood even more?
After finishing eating, Skipper has some fun playing pinball.
Skipper doesn’t want to leave Snack Time Malt Shop without first trying one of their tasty ice creams. What flavor do you think Skipper will choose?
Skipper chose double scoop of Blue Moon ice cream! Great choice, Skipper!
Malt-tastic moments await you with Barbie at Snack Time Malt Shop! Shake Up Your Day!

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