Doctor Barbie 1987

Doctor by day, glamorous date at night! She’s Doctor Barbie! You don’t feel good? Doctor Barbie can help you. With over 20 pieces to play with, you’re going to feel great soon, for sure!

Doctor Barbie has such a pretty face! With a gorgeous makeup look and light blonde hair, this Barbie, made in Malaysia, has one of the most beautiful superstar faces of the 80’s.

Doctor Barbie doll #3850

To start her work day, Doctor Barbie dresses in her white coat. She carries everything necessary to relieve others in her medical bag. It’s amazing how many pieces it brings to play and have fun using your imagination! Doctor Barbie brings everything a doctor could need: stethoscope, beeper, X-ray frame, clipboard, blood pressure cord, reflex hammer, ear checker, cast, adhesive strip box, medicine bottles, note pad, medical bag, watch, and even flowers for the patient!

The pieces come with labels to apply.
Doctor Barbie looking at the chart on the clipboard.
Doctor Barbie checking the X-ray.

When Doctor Barbie finishes her workday, it’s time to have a good time with Doctor Ken and Nurse Whitney. You can turn her pink dress into a skirt. Put on the glittery white blouse and slip the sparkling boa over her shoulders. Boa can be worn in different ways for more fashion looks.

Work’s done, time for fun!
Doctor Barbie also brings a blouse, boa, pink shoes, jewelry and a hairbrush.

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