Barbie loves celebrating birthdays! And who doesn’t? Recently, I was celebrating mine, and this sweet Barbie doll blew out the candles with me while I made a wish.

Happy Birthday Barbie 1980
Happy Birthday Barbie doll #1922

Just a few days ago I celebrated my birthday and received a beautiful and unexpected surprise from my husband. Next to the birthday cake was this beauty! Happy Birthday Barbie from 1980! The sweetest Barbie doll from the early 80’s! Happy Birthday Barbie from 1980 was the first ever Happy Birthday Barbie doll from which Mattel continued to release the Birthday theme over and over again. Technically, there was a Sweet 16 Barbie in the 70’s but the concept of making a Barbie to give to someone special on their birthday didn’t come until 1980. A second version of this Barbie doll was released in 1982 with some small variations in dress, makeup, and box.

Sweetest Superstar face!

Made in Philippines, Happy Birthday Barbie has an innocent and delicate look. With lovely Superstar face sculpt, rubbed cheeks, and big, playful, flirty blue eyes, Happy Birthday Barbie awakens tenderness and feelings of nostalgia for the era that captivated everyone’s heart, young and old, the Barbie Superstar Era! But her signature style is without a doubt her blonde curly mullet-style hair, very fashionable in the 80’s. This hairstyle distinguishes her from the other Barbie dolls of the time and gives her that fresh and youthful appearance that makes her look very special.

Beautiful flower rainbow dress!

Happy Birthday Barbie from 1980 comes dressed in a beautiful flower rainbow dress, so delicate you’ll want to handle her carefully. She wears a beautiful strapless-halter full skirt dress in white chiffon. The dress has pretty lace ruffles on its bodice with pastel tones and lace trim on the edge of the dress. The long skirt of the dress has triple layer. The second layer is in pastel shades of pink, blue, and yellow that shine through to the overskirt which has a beautiful flower print on the front that seems to reflect the light! She also comes with open toe white heels and ring.

Happy Birthday Barbie accessories.

Happy Birthday Barbie comes with very special accessories including a Barbie-sized gift box with a surprise gift inside! A heart-shaped pendant with Barbie’s face! It also comes with a pink ribbon to put the pendant on, plastic birthday ring child-size, stickers with the birthstone colors to place on the child’s ring and Barbie’s, and an instruction booklet with ideas for games and decorations for the Birthday Party. Happy Birthday!

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