Here comes Feeling Fun Barbie…on the go and looking great! Dressed right for any ocassion, she sparkles in “denim” and lace!

Feeling Fun Barbie doll #1189

Feeling Fun Barbie is one of my favorite Barbies from the late 80’s! For me she is one of the most fun Barbie dolls of that time along with Funtime Barbie and Cool Times Barbie, and since Feeling Fun Barbie was released by Mattel alone without friends from the same line, I like to play that she hangs out with those two. Despite not having a fashion collection named after her, it seems to me that the Barbie Jeans Fashions collection, also from 1988, was inspired by her and her denim look.

Feeling Fun Barbie is always in style!

My Feeling Fun Barbie is one of the versions made in China. This is my favorite version with light makeup! I think the other Chinese version has very heavy makeup for her casual denim outfit. There is another version of Feeling Fun Barbie made in Malaysia with makeup not as heavy as the other Chinese version but more noticeable than the version I have. So, I’m very happy to have gotten the Chinese version with light makeup! She has a super cute Superstar face! Her big, happy blue eyes have very soft blue eye shadow, and her lips have a very soft shade of pink that goes perfect with the pink details of her outfit. I also love her long crimped blonde hair! I love Barbie dolls with crimped hair! It’s so 80’s! It gives her a fresh, fun and youthful touch.

Her denim look is totally now!

Feeling Fun Barbie is dressed for fun in this go-anywhere denim and lace outfit! The fringed denim jacket has a glittery silver yoke, cuffed sleeves, and white top-stitching. Denim mini skirt has a silvery yoke and pink lace ruffle with metallic silver threads throughout. She also wears a white t-shirt with fun pink and blue printed designs and pink brushed tricot western-style boots (over time, boots become sticky and stain pink to the touch). Feeling Fun Barbie also comes with “diamond” earrings and ring, a pink ribbon bow detail in her hair, and pink hairbrush. Now she is ready to go to the Malt Shop and enjoy an ice cream soda with friends feeling fun!

Let’s go feel fun with Feeling Fun Barbie!

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