Island Fun Christie 1987

Island Fun Christie looks like a Caribbean beauty! From the Enchanted Island of Puerto Rico, Christie shows us that living on a tropical island is not only fun but also a very delicious and enriching experience.

I really enjoy taking outdoor photos of my Barbie dolls. There is a lot of vegetation behind my house that was perfect to take these photos of Island Fun Christie. We are blessed to have different tropical fruit trees right in our backyard. There is a soursop tree, an avocado tree, several coconut palms, a lot of breadfruit trees, and many banana trees. But right now, there is a shortage of bananas due to the scourge of Hurricane Fiona last September, and that wiped out the crops. Puerto Rico consumes the bananas that are grown locally, but due to this scarcity it has been necessary to import them. The banana trees in my backyard are barely recovering from the devastation, but it seems Christie was able to find some bananas. How lucky Christie is!

Lucky Christie! She found some ripe bananas!

The warm climate of Puerto Rico is perfect for the growth of different tropical fruits. You can enjoy tasty fruits such as mango, pineapple, guava, papaya, tamarind, star fruit, acerola, passion fruit, oranges, among other delicacies! In Puerto Rico there are several tropical fruit farms located in the southern area of ​​the island, especially in the municipality of Santa Isabel, the heart of Puerto Rico’s most fertile lands. Christie is happy to live on an island with a pleasant climate all year round and where she can grow the tastiest fruits! She’s looking for other fruits to mix with bananas for her tropical fruit salad. What other fruits do you think combine well with bananas?

Island Fun Christie 1987
Christie is looking for other fruits to prepare a delicious and healthy tropical fruit salad! “How about mango or pineapple, Christie?”

Another pleasant activity that Island Fun Christie can enjoy in Puerto Rico is bird watching. In fact, one of my kids loves bird watching! Among the trees behind our house, we have seen lots of different types of birds. It’s like having a little paradise behind the house when you can listen to various melodies from sunrise with the Gray Kingbird to late at night with the Puerto Rican Owl. We also have other cheerful visitors to our backyard and surroundings of the house among which are: Puerto Rican Orioles, Puerto Rican Lizard-Cuckoo, Red-tailed Hawks (guaraguao), Greater Antillean Grackles (chango), Pearly-eyed Thrashers, ground-doves, turtledoves, bananaquits, hummingbirds, and a unique miraculous sighting of Puerto Rican Tody, or “San Pedrito”, as we affectionately call it on the island! But, if you want to go watch many more birds you can go to the National Wildlife Refuge located in southwestern Puerto Rico, in the municipality of Cabo Rojo. The refuge is a habitat for a number of native bird species and is excellent for spending time surrounded by nature while walking or biking along the trails. Christie will be lucky if she sees any San Pedrito!

Christie tries to spot some Pearly-eyed Thrashers nesting in the trees behind the house. They are very good at camouflage!

Island Fun Christie, made in the Philippines, is doll #4092 released by Mattel in 1987. She was the first with the New Christie face sculpt which gave her more ethnic features. I like how the dimples are marked on her cheeks! I think she looks very cute! Her beautiful “skin” tone stands out in a yellow bathing suit and flowery orange sarong. She can wear her sarong wrap in 14 different ways! Island Fun Christie also comes with a lei that when worn on her head she looks just like the queen of the Cordillera Central strolling among the coffee plantation!

Beautiful New Christie face sculpt from 1987!

Christie has such long and abundant hair that I love! She has two-tone wavy hair, black with copper highlights, and she comes with a yellow seahorse comb to style it. The copper tone really lights up her face! Island Fun Christie also has pretty brown eyes with a pretty lilac eye shadow. Her lips have a mango-colored gloss in a match with the blush on her cheeks that make her look beautiful and sweet, as sweet as sugar cane during the harvest! Keep enjoying and savoring the Island, Christie!

Now Christie is ready to have more Island Fun with Barbie and Miko and continue enjoying the flora and fauna that our beautiful Island of Puerto Rico offers us in the mountains and on the coast!

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