My First Barbie 1986

My First Barbie doll was designed with the youngest child in mind. With easy-to-dress fashion, the little ones played again and again! Since the first version launched by Mattel in 1980, there have been multiple editions of this adorable doll with simple features that make it easy to handle and dress!

Barbie prepares for her ballet recital!

I want to show you My First Barbie from 1986. She was the first ballerina edition of My First Barbie dolls. From that year onwards there were many ballerinas launched with this concept of easy-to-dress doll. Mattel listened to moms’ request for more manageable fashions to be designed as it was difficult for the little ones to dress their Barbies dolls in clothes that were somewhat complex to put on. And so it was that Barbie had a whole new wardrobe with clothes that you simply slid or closed with a touch!

My First Barbie 1986
She needs to do stretching exercises before practicing her ballet steps.

My First Barbie from 1986 is really cute! She has a face that looks quite young, designed precisely for younger children. Her beautiful big eyes with a dreamy and tender gaze are turquoise and light violet. She has a simple makeup of light violet eyeshadow and pink lipstick. She also has beautiful blonde hair with bangs that is easy to curl with your fingers and brush into simple hairstyles. My First Barbie from 1986 is really sweet and playful looking!

My First Barbie 1986
Beautiful arabesque, Barbie!

My First Barbie doll has simple features so she’s easy to handle and easier to dress. She has twist n’ turn waist, straight arms for easy slipping into clothes, and her shiny smooth legs glide easily into skirts and pants! This ballerina edition comes with soft, slip-on pink hair bow, easy slip-on pink leotard, sparkly pink skirt that closes with a touch, pretty slip-on pink ruffles, and ballet shoes. Unfortunately, her original ballet shoes, that came with a pink ribbon to tie, split the first day I put them on her. It seems that the material of so many years did not withstand the pressure. Fortunately, I had others of a different style, and they work very well for her.

Now the fourth position! What a beautiful ballerina Barbie is!

My First Barbie from 1986 also comes with a hairbrush, instruction book, and cardboard pressouts including 4 posters of different sizes, 4 photos, 2 sheets of music, and 7 ballet recital tickets.

My First Barbie doll #1788

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