Every day is a sunny day with Island Fun Barbie and her friends! Come with Barbie and discover all the fun that the island has for you!

It’s summer in Puerto Rico, my beautiful Caribbean island! It’s time to enjoy the charming attractions that my tropical island has. From paradisiacal beaches of golden sand, to mysterious caves that enclose the history of the past; from the mountains, where rivers are born, to the bioluminescent bays that shine when they’re disturbed; from fortresses and castles that rise between the colonial streets, to the humble communities adorned with bright colors! It’s fun time on my tropical island, and my Island Fun Barbie resembles everything that’s part of that fun.

Island Fun Barbie doll #4061

My version of Island Fun Barbie was made in Philippines in 1987. She’s part of Mattel’s Island Fun line that also released her friends: Ken, Miko, Christe, Teresa, Steven, and Skipper. This line closely resembles the Tropical Barbie line from 1985. However, it has some details that distinguish it and make it special, and that I quite like!

Island Fun Barbie has some of the longest hair among 80’s Barbie dolls. She looks like a beautiful mermaid with her extra long curly two-tone blonde hair, and has a slightly tanned “skin” tone, like who’s having fun in the sun on the western of my island. She also has cute expressive sweet blue eyes, and delicate makeup with soft mauve lipstick and eyeshadow. But since it was manufactured in Philippines in the late 1980’s, she has the white spots on her legs as the plastic degraded over the years. It’s something that I have already told you about and you have seen in some of my dolls.

Island Fun Barbie comes in a white one-piece swimsuit that ties at the back. She wears a hot pink lei garland that she can wear around her neck or as a crown on her head. But what I love the most is her colorful and flowery island skirt or sarong that she can wear 14 different ways! My favorite way is halter style dress! I think that way she looks more beautiful! Island Fun Barbie also comes with a fuschia colored seahorse comb to match her sarong.

Barbie is ready for some island fun! She doesn’t know where to start! Will she first visit the beach or cool off in a waterfall? Will she walk along the coast or take a hike through the tropical forest? Have you already visited the island? You are invited to enjoy Puerto Rico!

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