Pink & Pretty Christie is pure glamour! This exquisite doll from the early 80’s occupies a position within my Top 5 list of favorites! With one of the most beautiful steffie faces, Pink & Pretty Christie is the dream of many Barbie doll collectors!

Pink & Pretty Christie doll #3555

I can hardly believe that I have this beautiful doll in my collection! I honestly didn’t think it could be possible, but my beloved husband gave it to me as a gift on my most recent birthday. What a great surprise! It’s not so easy to get a Pink & Pretty Christie in very good condition at a reasonable price. So, I’m very lucky to have her with all her pieces of clothing! She’s a true beauty; one of the most gorgeous dolls launched by Mattel in all time! I really miss the Superstar Era when Mattel released the most beautiful dolls and with the best materials!

She out-dazzles them all with her many fashion looks!

Pink & Pretty Christie was made in Taiwan in 1981 and was released by Mattel alongside Pink & Pretty Barbie. This version of Barbie’s best friend has the most beautiful face among all Christie dolls with steffie face mold. She has such a sweet and angelic face! I really love her “skin” color; it looks silky, almost like porcelain. Her eyes are deep brown with gray eyeshadow, and she wears a soft and delicate pink mauve lipstick that makes her look elegant and sophisticated, the perfect makeup for a night out!

The most beautiful steffie face I’ve ever seen!

Pink & Pretty Christie has very nice dark, long, and shiny hair. I love the way her hair looks on a ponytail! When she wears her hair down it looks really amazing too! Her hair is so long that it gives her a totally different look! It’s so cool that you can change her hairstyle in so many different ways! On another occasion I share the photos I took of her with her hair down; she looks incredible!

So many glamorous ways to wear the pants!

Like Pink & Pretty Barbie, Christie comes with a fabulous outfit that you can combine in different ways to give her an always new fresh look. She comes with elegant skirt and pants, glamorous furry-trimmed overskirt, luxurious furry boa, fabulous furry-trimmed hat/peplum, glittery ring and necklace, shoes, brush, comb, perfume bottle, and “mirror” with decal.

My favorite way for her to wear her luxurious furry boa is in reversibly way; she looks like a movie star or famous singer! But for that sophisticated classic look the furry-trimmed hat cannot miss in her outfit! What is your favorite Pink & Pretty Christie look?

Pink & Pretty Christe looks like a real celebrity!

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