I want to show you one of the most beautiful dolls that I have in my collection. She’s Jewel Secrets Whitney! Made in Philippines in 1986, Jewel Secrets Whitney is a favorite of many Barbie doll collectors, considered as a “grail doll” by some of them. She’s known as “Princess Laura” in Europe, and the truth is that she looks like a real princess! With one of the most beautiful steffie faces and gorgeous long hair, Jewel Secrets Whitney deserves to be in my Top 5 list!

The first time I saw Jewel Secrets Whitney as a child, I was blown away! Her face, her hair, her outfit…I loved absolutely everything about her! She looked so elegant, glamorous and fabulous! I preferred Whitney over Jewel Secrets Barbie. However, I was only able to have the paper doll. It wasn’t until this past Christmas that I got my gorgeous grail doll on my hands for the first time! And although she has on her legs those white spots, typical of dolls made in Philippines in late 80’s, that’s not a problem for me! Either way she looks beautiful, unique, and special!

Jewel Secrets Whitney is Barbie’s most sophisticated friend. Every little detail of Whitney yells glamour at its best! Her twist braid gives Whitney a fine and feminine touch that makes her look sweet and delicate as well as elegant. But, Whitney can wear her gorgeous hair down! She has radiant and voluminous wavy brunette hair with highlights, one of the longest hairs among Barbie friends from 80’s! Jewel Secrets Whitney has such silky and manageable hair that I really enjoy styling her in different ways!

Her soft makeup accentuates the features of her beautiful steffie face. Whitney wears a soft lavender eyeshadow that contrasts nicely with her turquoise eyes with purple accents, and a very soft pink shade on her lips. Jewel Secrets Whitney has without a doubt one of the most beautiful steffie faces released by Mattel!

Jewel Secrets Whitney doll #3179

Jewel Secrets Whitney has so many glamorous looks! You can change her fashion look again and again! That’s another amazing thing about this doll! She wears a long tight glittery gown in a kind of teal blue with silver belt. She also brings a shimmery silver jacket that can be reversible, open in the front or back. When Whitney isn’t wearing her jacket, she can use her silver cape that can be worn in different ways, such as on her shoulders or waist. For a more sophisticated look she wears bright magenta gloves in combination with her purse. Now the final touch! To look like a real princess, Whitney wears a “jeweled” crown that can also be worn as a belt. Jewel Secrets Whitney looks like the most beautiful princess of all!

Whitney wears her “jeweled” crown as a belt.
She’s ready for the Fashion Show!
Whitney can change her look several times during the Fashion Show!

Jewel Secrets Whitney comes with open toe blue heels, earrings, ring, pink hairbrush, lenticular (changeable) picture of her with Barbie, and a 24 pages storybook titled “Secret of the Fashion Show.”

Jewel Secrets Whitney accessories.

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  1. My favorite doll of all times. A girl friend that lived near me had her and I wanted this doll so badly that I prayed several days for Santa Claus to bring her for me although I did not dared to tell anyone I wanted a doll because I was a boy. Of course I did not get it that Christmas, but many years later in the early 2000’s I was able to finally have my dream doll. Now I have three of her! I adore this doll.

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