Dream Date PJ 1982

The most gorgeous girl in town is ready for her Dream Date in the city! She’s Dream Date PJ! With her ruffle wrap skirt, PJ fascinates everyone! She has many looks to wear tonight’s date that she will surely make everyone sigh!

PJ is ready for her Dream Date! She just arrived wearing this fancy sleeve that gives her a glamorous look. She dazzles as the moonlight shines on her fabulous gown!

Dream Date PJ was made in Taiwan in 1982 and is Mattel’s #5869 doll. Dream Date PJ was sold as Barbie’s cousin, but in reality, PJ is one of Barbie’s best friends. I received Dream Date PJ as a gift from my beloved husband last Christmas. I had my eye on her for a long time. She was one of my favorites in my childhood, but I had only been able to have Dream Date Barbie back then. I have to say that she’s one of my favorites in my collection, and I’m sure she’s also for many other collectors! There’s no doubt that Dream Date PJ has one of the most beautiful faces among the dolls of the Barbie Superstar Era in the 80’s! This lady in blue has something that drives Barbie lovers crazy, and they can never get enough of her. In fact, Dream Date PJ is one of my favorite dolls to portray. She’s so photogenic! From every angle, Dream Date PJ shows us that she has one of the best and most gorgeous Steffie faces of all!

Now PJ shows off her semi-tied hair and wears nice ruffle waist peplum! It’s so fun to be able to change your look on the same date!

One of the things about Dream Date PJ that fascinates me is her highlighted ashy blonde hair! It’s so silky and shiny! I love to style her hair in different ways! I think that no matter what hairstyle she wears she always looks gorgeous, but the hairstyle that I like the most in her is tied up. With her hair tied up she shows better the features of her lovely Steffie face with a simple, fresh and very natural makeup. She has a nude lipstick and soft blusher that highlight her pretty deep blue eyes.

Dream Date PJ shows us her dance steps wearing the ruffled wrap swirling to the floor. With that look she looks like a beautiful flamenco dancer!

Her glamorous light blue gown with royal blue accents consists of a sparkly sequin top and a matching nylon satin skirt with a ruffled wrap that swirls to the floor! The ruffle wrap skirt has a satiny royal blue cummerbund with a pretty shimmering rose on the side! It’s exactly the same as the Dream Date Barbie outfit but in blue, of course! I think it was a great idea on Mattel’s part to create that ruffle wrap skirt in a Barbie fashion! You could play for hours without getting tired of changing her look again and again!

Gorgeous Steffie face mold!

Dream Date PJ also brings jewelry, blue open-toe high heels, a comb, brush, “mirror” and “perfume” bottle for her in color white. PJ brings everything she needs to look fabulous on her Dream Date! “PJ, what if you change once again your incredible ruffle wrap for a totally different look? Barbie and Ken are about to arrive to have fun together tonight! It will be an unforgettable Dream Date with friends!”

“Look, PJ! See who is already here!” Dream Date Barbie joins the fun! I really love how they both look together!

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