Summer is here! Clear sky, comfortable sunshine, very pleasant and healthy weather…Barbie, Christie, PJ, and Skipper decided to pack up and spend the day at one of Malibu’s beautiful beaches where it’s all fun under the sun!

Barbie, Christie, PJ, and Skipper have just arrived at one of the best beaches in California, Malibu Beach!

This is my first Barbie beach diorama and I really had fun putting it all together! I had been planning it for a while, but it wasn’t until I included the Sun Lovin’ Malibu dolls in my collection that I could better visualize what I wanted to do.

First of all, I had to choose a background for my photo section that would give my scene a realistic touch. I was considering beach posters and aquarium backgrounds, which were a great idea but I didn’t want any light reflections on it. So I opted for a beach tapestry that I found on Amazon and I think the decision was right.

I had a good amount of brown butcher paper that I wanted to use as sand, but then I remembered that my kids had some kinetic sand and I included it to give it an even more realistic touch. I didn’t have enough to cover everything, but I think the brown paper worked well to hide the areas where it didn’t cover the sand.

Old and new mix very well!

I used elements from various playsets, a combination of vintage and new, and the truth is that I liked the result; they blended really well and I got the scene I wanted. Among the playsets that I included in my diorama you can see pieces from Beach Blast Barbie Beach Party from 1988, Barbie Loves the Ocean Beach Day and Volleyball set from 2020. I loved these last two! I’m more into vintage but the truth is that the Barbie Loves the Ocean line is among my current favorites. I also included pieces from the 1992 Barbie Picnic Set #7297, and the accessories that came with the 1978 Malibu Barbie The Beach Party.

Cooler from Barbie Picnic Set #7297

Among the dolls that starred in this beach diorama are: Malibu Barbie The Beach Party, Sun Lovin’ Malibu Christie, Sun Lovin’ Malibu PJ, and Sun Lovin’ Malibu Skipper, all from 1978. Come join Barbie and her friends in this sunny day at one of the most famous beaches in the world, Malibu Beach! I hope you enjoy the photos!

Skipper doesn’t want to waste her time and goes straight to the fun in the water and sand!
The beautiful PJ enjoys a cold soda while listening to some music.
Meanwhile, Christie just relaxes on her beach chair and admires the scenery.
Barbie looks gorgeous and fashionable in her one-piece swimsuit!
Skipper loves making sand castles!
The morning at Malibu Beach is very pleasant and even more when you are in the company of your best friends.
Lunch is almost ready!
Barbie is so nice! She serves the food for the others!
They’re all hungry!
“Who wants a juicy burger?”, asks Barbie.
Skipper has played in the sand so much that she’s starving!
Skipper is the first to be served. “Thanks, Barbie!”, says Skipper to her big sister.
After resting from lunch, they play volleyball.
The beautiful Christie is the first to serve.
Barbie and Skipper prepare to receive the ball.
PJ is ready to block Skipper’s play, but Skipper spikes the ball! That’s a point for Barbie and Skipper!
Now, Barbie has possession of the ball.
What a volleyball game! How much fun with friends!
Now it’s time to have a more relaxing time tanning in the afternoon sun. Don’t forget to reapply your sunscreen girls!
Barbie, Christie, PJ, and Skipper spend the rest of the afternoon talking and playing in the sand. What a wonderful day they have spent at Malibu Beach!

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  1. I love your blog so much! Would it be alright to share it with my audience on youtube? would love for them to see some of your pictures and posts! I’ve just gotten a little more into vintage barbie collecting and adore your dolls so! Great work!

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