Paradisiacal beaches, splendid sunsets, beautiful hibiscus and orchids flowers, wonderful weather…you can enjoy that and more if you live on a tropical island like me! Tropical Barbie knows what I’m talking about! Because the sun always shines on Tropical Barbie, since 1985!

Tropical Barbie, the Barbie with 80’s longest hair!

I had Tropical Barbie as a kid. I remember that she was the favorite Barbie doll of my childhood friends. They all came to my house to play with her! I liked to take photos of her above the papaya trees that grew in the backyard of my house; you know, to give it a realistic tropical touch, I guess. Tropical Barbie was the Barbie I played with for the longest time. She gave me so many hours of fun!

Tropical Barbie with yellow ruffle in her hair.

Barbie made a splash with a tropical tan and the longest hair ever, at that moment! She wears a pretty one-piece tropical floral bathing suit in black, pink, blue, and yellow; each with a unique floral pattern! There’s a sunny yellow ruffle Barbie can wear in her hair like an island flower; at her waist to make a ruffly skirt; at her shoulder as a rosette; or across the top of her bathing suit to make a frilly accent!

Tropical Barbie doll #1017

You can style Tropical Barbie’s blonde and highlighted hair in many ways! But, my favorite is the braid. Doesn’t she look beautiful, as beautiful as a tropical flower! Tropical Barbie comes with a yellow hair brush, matching with her ruffle, for you to style her tropical sun-kissed hair.

Tropical Barbie made in Malaysia.

Tropical Barbie was manufactured in different countries such as Malaysia, Philippines, Hong Kong and China. My version is from Malaysia and I think she’s one of the most beautiful Tropical Barbies ever made.

Tropical Barbie with Tropical Ken.

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