Summer Wrap Up Party Barbie Diorama

Join me to the Summer Wrap Up Party I threw for my Barbie dolls on the beach before the Back to School!

I hadn’t been able to post anything since two weeks ago. I had been quite busy getting everything ready for my kids going back to school. So I took some inspiration from that and put together this diorama where my Barbie dolls have a beach party as the end of summer before going back to class. I think they needed it as much as I did, you know, a relaxing moment to release some stress.

Volleyball game, Team Tropical versus Team Island Fun! Which do you think will win?

At the time I had not made a diorama with so many dolls together, twelve in total. I included: Island Fun Barbie, Island Fun Miko, Tropical Barbie, Tropical Miko, Tropical Ken, California Dream Barbie, California Midge, Sun Lovin’ Malibu Christie, Sun Lovin’ Malibu PJ, Sun Lovin’ Malibu Skipper, Malibu Barbie The Beach Party, and Funtime Barbie.

The group of friends sharing at The Sunset Malibu Beach Shack.
“I’m in the mood for pizza!”
“Here’s your order, Christie. A hot dog with pickles, ketchup, and mustard.”

In the photos of this diorama you can see some of the playsets from the Barbie Loves The Ocean line, such as the Beach Shack (certainly one of my favorites), the Beach Volleyball playset, and the Beach Day playset with lounge chair and umbrella. I decided to also include the Ice Cream Stand from the Kid Connection brand. I think it looks very cute, and it’s quite common to see these ice cream carts selling on the beaches.

“A key lime ice cream, please!”

Well, I hope you like the photos and enjoy the rest of your summer! Thanks for your visit!

“This is the life!”

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