Do you know that beautiful Asian girl who has fun on the island? Her name is Miko and she belongs to the amazing Mattel’s line of Island Fun Barbie from 1987!

Island Fun Miko doll #4065

To be honest I wasn’t that excited to add Island Fun Miko to my doll collection. I was really hoping to add Island Fun Christie first along with Island Fun Barbie. But, Miko came first, and the truth is that I don’t regret it! Maybe I prefer the version made in China over the version from Malaysia. The Chinese version has a more oval face than the Malaysian version which has a square face. But the more I look at her the more I fall in love with her Kira face!

I must admit that one advantage of having the version made in Malaysia is that my Miko came without white spots on her legs. As you know, Barbie dolls made in Philippines in the late 1980’s have this flaw. In fact, I have seen Island Fun Miko made in China that also have white spots. So I’m happy and satisfied with the version I have. Tip: If you’re looking for a late 80’s Barbie doll without white spots on her legs, look for one made in Malaysia; So far I haven’t seen any that have that situation.

Island Fun Miko has lovely olive brown eyes, framed in soft purple mauve eyeshadow, which perfectly capture her ethnicity. She has a nice tan “skin” color with soft, delicate makeup on her lips and cheeks. Her hair is long, black, and curly; its waves are like a waterfall that flows from the mountains, which are the heart of the island and from which all the land is nourished. I love how Mattel created that beachy waves hair look on the Island Fun Barbie doll collection!

Very pretty Kira face mold!

Island Fun Miko comes in a bright magenta one-piece swimsuit. She also comes with a yellow sarong skirt with colorful flowers that she can wear 14 different ways! Miko looks so beautiful in her island skirt! The color yellow really suits her! Miko also brings a pretty lei that she can wear around her neck or as a pretty flower crown on her head. To comb her beautiful long black hair, she comes with a seahorse comb that’s exclusive to the Island Fun Barbie line.

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