Barbie Loves The Ocean Beach Shack

I’m really excited to share with all of you the newest addition to my collection! It’s this super cool Beach Shack from Mattel’s line “Barbie Loves The Ocean!”

I try to keep my Barbie collection true to vintage; 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s. But to be honest, I love Mattel’s “Barbie Loves the Ocean” collection! It was launched in 2021 and it has very nice and cool things! Barbie Loves The Ocean dolls and playsets are made from recycled ocean-bound plastic. Mattel’s goal is to achieve 100% recycled, recyclable or bio-based plastic materials across all its products and packaging by 2030. The collection includes three dolls whose bodies are made from 90% recycled ocean-bound plastic parts and an accompanying Beach Shack playset and accessories, made from over 90% recycled plastic! So it’s not only a cool Barbie line but also that by acquiring it you contribute to the preservation of the environment! Bravo for Mattel!

Barbie Loves The Ocean Beach Shack, serial number GYG23, is perfect for my beach dioramas! I love how it looks! It seems just like one of those beach shacks you find on Malibu Beach where you can order your favorite drink. I love the bright and bold colors! Also the roof that simulates straw; it’s so beachy! The shack’s name refers to The Sun Set Malibu Barbie doll from 1971, of which Mattel recently released a reproduction for its 50th Anniversary, in 2021.

Barbie Loves The Ocean Beach Shack is fairly easy to put together and comes with instructions. It also includes: two stools, menu board, ukulele, lantern, blender, monitor screen, coconut drink, pineapple drink, three glasses of drinks, bottle, 2 ice cream cones, ice cream popsicle, a couple of bananas, and 2 food baskets. I really like the blender! You can take the lid off! The counter top has areas where you can fit the pieces and keep them safe so they don’t fall out. But my favorite thing about this beach shack playset is the recycling station with a working recycling bin! That’s amazing! Barbie, setting the example to the new generations of keeping our beaches and environment clean!

For my Beach Shack diorama I used Tropical Ken as the bartender, and Tropical Barbie, Tropical Miko, Sun Lovin’ Malibu PJ, and Sun Lovin’ Malibu Christie as consumers. Join Barbie and her friends, and refresh yourself this summer enjoying a tasty piña colada or a delicious fruit frappé served by the handsome Ken! Ken awaits you at The Sun Set Malibu Beach Shack!

Come and have a refreshing drink at The Sun Set Malibu Beach Shack! This handsome guy will serve you with great pleasure!
At The Sun Set Malibu Beach Shack you can enjoy a delicious ice cream cone…
…or a cold and tasty Piña Colada!
We have a varied menu of drinks and snacks, prepared with the freshest ingredients!
Take a visit to Malibu Beach and stop by our Beach Shack.
At The Sun Set Malibu Beach Shack we’re waiting for you! The best place in Malibu to have a good time with your friends!


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