On an idyllic tropical island, surrounded by enchanting sandy beaches, a beautiful Asian girl plays in the lapping waves. Her long black hair flows like waterfalls coming down from the mountains. She’s called Tropical Miko, and she’s one of my favorite dolls in my collection!

Tropical Miko doll #2056

This gorgeous doll was made in China in 1985. Tropical Miko is Tropical Barbie’s beautiful island friend. In fact, she’s a Pacific Islander! Tropical Miko has a lovely Kira face, the prettiest Kira face in my opinion! Her pretty brown eyes are framed by long lashes and soft green eye shadow that give her a very charming look. Her coral lips and cheeks go perfectly with her tan “skin” color. Tropical Miko seems to reflect the beauty of a beach sunset on her Kira face!

Gorgeous Kira face mold!

But what I like the most about Tropical Miko is her hair, of course! She has the most beautiful hair among the dolls in my collection. Strong, smooth and shiny black hair that looks like real hair! I’m not sure what material it is, but it’s a really good quality material. It’s so much fun to style her hair in different ways, but I prefer to leave it down or style it in a braid. But no matter how Tropical Miko wears her hair, it always looks beautiful like a clear night on the island, or like the volcanic black sand on a Pacific coast.

Tropical Miko wearing the yellow ruffle on her gorgeous black hair.
Beautiful one-piece bathing suit!

Just like her best friend, Tropical Barbie, Miko comes in a one-piece bathing suit with a unique flower pattern and a yellow ruffle that she can wear in many ways: on her shoulders, as a skirt around her waist, or as a detail on her beautiful black hair! She also brings a yellow hairbrush to style her hair, whether it’s for a day at the beach or a walk along the river to the waterfall. Tropical Miko is always ready for fun with her tropical friends!

Tropical Miko with her best friend, Tropical Barbie.

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  1. Es curioso, parece una selfie de una joven de estos dias. Su mirada impresiona…y se ve un look muy moderno. Parece del 2022 🥰

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