This is my first Ken doll as an adult! He’s Tropical Ken, made in Malaysia in 1985. As a child, I only had 3 Ken dolls. So, I’m glad to have this guy in my collection!

Tropical Ken doll #1020

Ken, just like Barbie, has had many makeovers since 1961! From elegant and professional to fun and adventurous. Tropical Ken is ready for sun and fun at the beach! He comes with a one-piece bathing suit that matches Barbie’s. He also comes with a yellow tropical island lei, which goes perfectly with Tropical Barbie’s yellow ruffle. Tropical Ken has a dark blonde “hair” shade that suits him very well with the beach theme. I really like Tropical Ken! He shows the fun and casual side of Barbie’s boyfriend! Now he’s ready for a walk on the beach with Tropical Barbie!

Tropical Ken with Tropical Barbie and Tropical Miko.

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  1. As a child I didn’t have a Ken doll, Poland was still a communist country back then and it was only a miracle I had 4 Barbie dolls, a House with an Eleanor, some furniture and the Ferrari. Ken was my dream but he was nowhere to be bought, so my mom got me a clone Ken and he had bendable legs so I was thrilled. I would have loved this Ken doll as a kid, this face is for me the only true face of Ken just like superstar is for Barbie!

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