California Midge 1987

Do you want to have fun under the California sun? Midge, Barbie’s best friend, wants and she is ready! This Midge doll #4442, made in Philippines, in 1987, is part of California Barbie line, released by Mattel.

California Midge has a gorgeous steffie face with freckles and pretty green eyes. Her makeup goes perfect with her face and her red hair. It’s really hard to find a California Midge doll without those white spots on her legs, typical of dolls made in the late 80’s, especially in the Philippines. That’s a characteristic of plastic breaking down. Still, she’s a beautiful doll and I’m happy to have her.

Beautiful steffie face with freckles.

California Midge doll comes in a cool California-style outfit. She wears a blue sleeveless jacket with polka dots and a mini skirt with a splatter design, typical of the 80’s. But, the coolest thing is her white and pink roller skates, for more California fun with her friends. And of course, she comes with knee pads, because safety comes first!

Skatin’ down the boardwalk California style!

When it’s time to hit the beach and tan in the California sun, Midge does it in style in a pink one-piece swimsuit. She doesn’t forget her sun visor and her fun-fad earrings for a complete look. “Barbie, come play with Midge and her flying disc!” They’ll surely have a great time playing on the beach.

Having fun in the California sun.

California Midge also comes with a hairbrush, cardboard cutouts with pictures of her friends, and a comic book titled “Midge Scavenger Hunt.” Definitely the California Barbie line and her friends bring the coolest stuff!

California Midge accessories.

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