Malibu Barbie The Beach Party 1979

Malibu Barbie is ready for the Beach Party! This blonde beauty from the Barbie Superstar Era has everything she needs to have a good time at Malibu Beach, and enjoy the sun, sand, and sea!

Malibu Barbie The Beach Party is a true beauty! This gorgeous Barbie doll #1703, made in Taiwan in 1979, is considered rare because not many of them are available. So I’m pretty lucky to have her in my collection! She was released in a special package for the United States, but this same Barbie doll was launched exclusively for the Italian market with two different names and code. The two versions that came out for Italy are California Barbie and International Barbie, both with the code #1067, but with exactly the same clothing as Malibu Barbie The Beach Party!

Gorgeous Superstar face!

Malibu Barbie The Beach Party has the beautiful face typical of the Superstar Era… charming blue eyes with blue eyeliner on the upper lid. She also has that tender smile that seems to mark dimples on her cheeks. Her long blonde hair is super straight and shiny, and she has a soft tan tone on her “skin.” She’s without a doubt one of my favorite swimsuit Barbies!

Barbie is waiting for the perfect wave!

She wears a very pretty one piece halter style swimsuit in vibrant fuschia color with purple details. But that’s not all she comes with! She brings a whole beach party in one box! Malibu Barbie The Beach Party comes with some cool beach accessories: beach bag, snorkel, face mask, 2 swim fins, towel, hat, table with umbrella, deck chair, hibachi, surfboard, lotion bottle, and label sheet to decorate.

All that fun comes in a vinyl fashion doll case with pretty, colorful Barbie art on the front, which Mattel used to do a lot during the 70’s. It’s a kind of gift box where you could store Barbie along with her clothes and accessories. Pretty cool, right!

Check out my Malibu Barbie Beach Diorama for more photos of her enjoying a day at the beach with her friends!

Malibu Barbie The Beach Party #1703

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