Barbie Loves The Ocean Beach Volleyball

Barbie and Ken enjoy a pleasant 4th of July on the beach with a barbecue and have fun playing beach volleyball with this very cool playset that is part of the Barbie Loves The Ocean line!

There are many ways to celebrate the 4th of July, whether you have a picnic, host a backyard BBQ, visit a historical landmark or museum, attend a baseball game, make s’mores, or just eat red, white and blue food! But what do you do if you live in California near the beautiful Malibu Beach? You go to the beach of course, just like Barbie and Ken!

Barbie and Ken have decided to spend the 4th of July enjoying their favorite beach spot: beach volleyball! For that, Barbie and Ken have this fun playset of Barbie Loves The Ocean line, that’s sized just right for Barbie and her friends, and what is even better, made of recycled ocean-bound plastics! This nice playset with very bright colors was made in China in 2020 and has serial number GYG18.

Barbie Loves The Ocean Beach Volleyball playset includes a hot pink beach volleyball mesh with bright yellow poles that have starfish at their base. The sporty accessories include a teal volleyball, blue visor, water bottle, sunblock lotion, purple Malibu towel, purple boombox, banana snack, stylish pair of yellow sunglasses, and my favorite from this set, an orange Malibu cooler with blue handle that opens and closes! That’s pretty cool! Barbie and Ken have everything they need to spend a formidable 4th of July! How will you celebrate?

Sunsational Malibu Barbie and Sunsational Malibu Ken play their final set before the sun goes down. They want to enjoy the fireworks.
“It’s been a wonderful beach day, Ken!” says Barbie. “What if when the fireworks are over, we do s’mores at the campfire?” asks Ken. “The perfect way to close this 4th of July!” both agree.
Barbie Loves The Ocean Beach Volleyball playset GYG18, Asst. GYG16.


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