California Dream Barbie collection from Mattel had the coolest stuff! The California Dream Barbie Surf ‘n Shop playset was one I played with as a child, one of my all-time favorites!

I remember how much fun I had playing with the California Dream Barbie Surf ‘n Shop! Barbie and her friends could go there to buy everything they needed to have fun on the beaches of California. That was “California’s hot spot to shop!” But, like all my other Barbie things that I played with as a child, I didn’t keep them. Now as an adult Barbie collector I’m so happy to have one again!

This cool and fun playset from 1987 is the #4461, and has more than 25 pieces! It contains a cardboard backdrop with the Surf ‘n Shop sign, with very cool and brightly colored prints of the things you can get at a surf shop that perfectly reflect the 80’s era. California Dream Barbie Surf ‘n Shop playset also contains: 2 hangers, 2 pair sunglasses, 1 surf board, 1 boogie board, skateboard, 2 pair roller skates, T-shirt, beach towel, snorkel, face mask, 2 swim fins, 2 visors, 3 hairspray cans , 4 suntan lotion bottles, 5 soda bottles, cardboard cut-outs, and racks to place the stuff.

My California Dream Barbie Surf ‘n Shop is used and has a few pieces missing, but that’s not a problem for me! As you know, I like to mix the vintage with the new, and as you can see in the photos, all the elements complement each other very well. I added other details to make my diorama look more complete. I used Roxy and Puma Barbie Fashions, brands that we usually see in surf shops, and I think they complement it very well! I also used pieces from other Barbie Fashions from both the 80’s and now, and since my California Dream Barbie Surf ‘n Shop is missing its skateboard, I borrowed Cool Times Barbie‘s.

For this beach diorama with my California Dream Barbie Surf ‘n Shop I used California Dream Barbie as the owner of the shop and who greets the customers, of course! I also couldn’t leave out the beautiful California Midge, who in my opinion was the most photogenic in the photos, and who is trying on the roller skates that she just bought at the store. I also included as clients two of the dolls that star in many of my summer dioramas, Sun Lovin’ Malibu PJ and Sun Lovin’ Malibu Christie, because when you have a business your friends are the first to support you! And that’s how Barbie and her friends get everything they need at the California Dream Barbie Surf ‘n Shop to celebrate this 4th of July on the beautiful beaches of California! I hope you enjoy the photos!

In California Dream Barbie Surf ‘n Shop you’ll find everything you need to enjoy this summer!
Here we have those sunglasses that you’re looking for so much!
We have the most prestigious beachwear brands, and accessories!
Come to the California Dream Barbie Surf ‘n Shop and her owner will receive you with a big smile, as always!
Plan your summer vacation here! In California Dream Barbie Surf ‘n Shop “We’re talkin’ fun in the sun!
Barbie and her friends are waiting for you here! Come join the summer fun with Barbie!

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