Zuru Mini Fashion Dream Wardrobe

This very cool Zuru wardrobe is perfect for anyone who plays with or collects Barbie dolls! That’s why even though it’s not from Mattel, I wanted to add it to my collection.

Since I saw the Zuru Mini Fashion Dream Wardrobe I knew I wanted it! I was looking at some photos that other people shared showing their Barbie dolls posing in it and it seemed pretty accurate for Barbie scale. So, I decided to purchase it and I am super happy I did! The Dream Wardrobe is perfect for Barbie and other fashion dolls of that scale. This playset includes 15 pieces: 1 wardrobe, 1 mirror, 1 chest, 1 stool, 1 mannequin, 1 lamp, 1 jewelry display table, 5 hangers, 1 flower vase, 1 golden mini fashion bag, and 1 instruction manual. Zuru Dream Wardrobe is as recent as 2023 and was made in China.

Dream Wardrobe by Zuru comes in a nice combination of pink with gold details and finishes, maybe pinker than I like, so maybe later I will change the pink cardboard background for another tone to give it a twist. The wardrobe has more than 25 storage areas for shoes and bags and other accessories. In addition, the flower vase comes with a sweet fragrance. But the coolest thing about this Dream Wardrobe is that it has a real light-up vanity mirror! It works with 3 AAA batteries that are not included.

Day to Night Barbie gets ready in her new Dream Wardrobe! The more accessories you add, the greater the fun! Great idea by Zuru Mini Fashion!

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