Barbie shimmers like a radiant sea pearl in this gorgeous Jewel Secrets Barbie Fashions #1860, my favorite from that collection.

Jewel Secrets Barbie Fashions #1860

Jewel Secrets Barbie looks like the most beautiful pearl just out of a seashell in her shimmering lavender fashion! This outfit, made in China, is part of the 1986 Jewel Secrets Barbie Fashions collection. It consists of a pretty and shiny lavender halter-style swimsuit, and a long satin skirt. The skirt has a beautiful pleated ruffle in iridescent lavender that makes it look like a shimmering seashell!

Barbie found a little treasure in the sand. It’s a conch shell!
It whispers island secrets at her ear!

This Barbie fashion is perfect for Barbie to wear to a beach party, and like all the gowns in the Jewel Secrets Barbie line this one turns into a child-sized purse! Fashion accents include lavender heel pumps!

Next to the shell, Barbie finds a treasure chest with jewel secrets inside!

Included with this fashion is a storybook titled “Island Secrets.” In it, Barbie and Skipper stow away and surprise Ken aboard his boat. Together, they find sunken treasure in an island cove, then show everyone their treasure at a celebration dance. I found some inspiration in that storybook to take the photos for this post.

To share her find, Barbie celebrates at a beach party with all her friends, who are her true treasure!
Storybook and heel pumps included with fashion.

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