Friends! Food! Fashion! Fun! Everyday is totally fun for Cool Times Barbie and her friends! She’s the coolest Barbie of 1988!

Cool Times Barbie doll #3022

Cool Times Barbie, made in China, is a fun and colorful Barbie doll! What I like about this version is her half ponytail hairstyle. Her light blonde hair is quite long and soft, with a texture that feels like wool, and I think the bangs suits her very well to complement her 80’s style. Cool Times Barbie has an innocent, young and fresh superstar face!

Having a Cool Time with her skateboard!

Cool Times Barbie comes in a tank top with an ice cream soda print on the front. She wears a tutu jumper with a jacket, both in magenta. She also wears white knee leggings with black polka dots, leg warmers, white tennis shoes, ring and large earrings with ice cream soda sticker. I really like her outfit, it’s so cheerful, so flashy, so 80’s!

Cool Times Barbie enjoying her “ice cream soda.”

For some really cool time with her friends, Cool Times Barbie comes with a super scooter that’s a skateboard, too! To use the scooter as a skateboard you just remove the handle. She also comes with her own “ice cream soda” to enjoy after riding her skateboard. She brings food cutouts, hairbrush and instructions too. Let’s roll to the Malt Shop with Cool Times Barbie!

Cool Times Barbie accessories.

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