Barbie Glitz Doll 2021

This pretty girl is from the budget playline Barbie Glitz Doll released by Mattel in 2021. This Barbie doll is dressed in a trendy look perfect for all kinds of events!

Millie face sculpt!

She’s my first Barbie doll with Millie face sculpt. I usually collect vintage Barbie dolls, but I think this one looks very cute and stylish. This Barbie has long light blonde silky hair styled straight, big blue eyes, and very delicate makeup. She wears a blue one-shoulder dress that’s right on trend with a shimmery print and bow on the shoulder! A silvery bangle and pair of silvery heels complete her look. She is made in Indonesia and released alongside a brunette version in a pink dress, and an Afro-American version in a purple dress.

Barbie Glitz Doll #GRB32 Asst. T7580


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