Animal Lovin’ Barbie is on a safari adventure! She traveled all the way from America to Asia in search of the baby panda. If you are also an animal lover, join Barbie in this great adventure!

Animal Lovin’ Barbie has just arrived at the animal sanctuary. It was a long journey from America to the Asian continent! She’s very excited because she’ll finally meet the baby panda who was recently born at the animal sanctuary. Barbie really loves animals! Will you help her find him? Do you also love and care for animals like Barbie does?

Animal Lovin’ Barbie is excited about this adventure!

Animal Lovin’ Barbie, made in Malaysia in 1988, looks so cute in her dazzling safari outfit! Her exciting safari fashion consists of a gold top, pink animal print jacket, pink skirt with animal trim, gold scarf, pink giraffe earrings, ring, and pink boots. Barbie always knows how to look fun and fashionable even when she’s on safari!

Barbie looks on the map at the long journey she traveled to meet her new friend.

Animal Lovin’ Barbie has a beautiful superstar face! She looks really cute! Her pretty blue eyes reflect her love for animals. Her makeup is soft and simple, perfect for going on safari! She has pretty long and wavy blonde hair that you can style using her gold scarf, a perfect accent to complement her safari fashion! When baby panda sees her, he’ll surely love her too!

Barbie looks through the bamboos. She knows that baby panda loves them!

Barbie comes with everything she needs for her safari adventure! She knows that when she’s traveling it’s very important to carry a map and a compass for directions. Barbie always carries her passport with her, and a supply of water in her canteen. She can’t forget about her camera, and of course her binoculars that will help her locate the baby panda among the bamboos. Can you see baby panda among the bamboos?

There he is! There’s the baby panda! Barbie found him!

Barbie finally found her new friend! Panda bear comes alongside Animal Lovin’ Barbie. Along these same lines you can find Animal Lovin’ Ken with a chimpanzee, Animal Lovin’ Nikki with a lion cub, Ginger Giraffe, and Zizi Zebra. But those are friends that Barbie will met in another new adventure!

Hello, little friend! Would you like a photo with Barbie?
A new friend to love!

Animal Lovin’ Barbie also comes with package pressouts, hairbrush, and pink underwear. What a great adventure! Thank you for accompanying Barbie and helping her meet baby panda! She promises to care and love him. Do you also promise to care and love our animal friends? They’re counting on us!

Animal Lovin’ Barbie doll #1350

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