Garden Party Barbie has so many flower-pretty looks! With her lavender lacy look, Barbie blends into the beautiful flowers of the blooming garden! She perfectly reflects the crisp and sweet essence of spring! Come and celebrate with Barbie the pleasant season at the Garden Party!

Barbie looks lovely in her lacy dress as she strolls across the garden.

Garden Party Barbie, from 1988, is Mattel doll #1953. I had this pretty Barbie doll at the end of my wish list. But the truth is that Garden Party Barbie is more beautiful than I thought. I got the Chinese version. That’s why she has her face with an orange hue; that usually happens with Barbie dolls made in China through time. Regardless of the orange shade on her face, I honestly prefer the version made in Malaysia; I think it’s much more beautiful than the one made in China. But it’s okay! Mine is still a very pretty doll and I’m happy to have her in my collection.

Barbie was about to try on her new lacy overskirt when she found an envelope, by the garden fountain, with an anonymous invitation to a Garden Party!

Garden Party Barbie has thick, long light blonde hair. I’m not sure what material they used for dolls hair from that year, but it’s similar to the hair on Cool Times Barbie, also made in 1988. It feels soft but it’s a bit difficult to manage and style. I had to use a little bit of keratine hair polisher on my Garden Party Barbie’s hair to control it better. I think it turned out pretty good.

Barbie thinks about what look to wear to the Garden Party. She tries on the overskirt in a different way.

She has a cute superstar face with pretty blue and purple eyes. Her soft, delicate, and simple makeup is perfect for the Garden Party during the day or night. I really like her lavender eyeshadow, it goes perfectly with her outfit, and her soft pink lipstick is perfect for the spring season!

Should she wear it on her head? She doesn’t think so!
So many looks that Barbie can’t decide! If only she knew who invited her!

Garden Party Barbie comes in a beautiful lavender lacy dress with ruffle sleeves. You can add a different touch to Barbie’s outfit, whenever you want, with the gorgeous change-around lacy overskirt! The overskirt can be worn in different ways at her waist, to add volume to the bottom of the dress, as a cape on her shoulders, and even over her head! Barbie can change her look over and over again during the Garden Party to always look fresh and unique like a delicate spring flower!

Barbie found a photo of Ken on the other side of the garden fountain. It was him! It was Ken who invited her to the Garden Party!

To complete her look, Garden Party Barbie comes with a lavender floral necklace that you can tie around her neck. This gives her a romantic and delicate touch that matches with the flowers on her overskirt. She also comes with matching heels, earrings, ring, hairbrush, and cardboard flowers and accessories cutouts. Even a picture of Ken!

Now Barbie knows exactly how to wear her overskirt. She already made up her mind! Doesn’t she look gorgeous?

Now Barbie is ready for the Garden Party with Ken and their friends. Isn’t Barbie the prettiest flower in the garden? Come join the Garden Party! You’re invited too!

Barbie receives a bouquet of flowers from Ken. Let the Garden Party begin!

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