Barbie Tropical Photo Booth and Props

Photo booths and props have become a trend at birthday parties, weddings, graduations, baby showers, and almost any celebration. Barbie is not far behind and celebrates her Tropical Party following this popular and fun trend to create beautiful memories.

I really love to craft! I always like to have supplies for when the craft bug bites me. Some time ago I had bought those cute tropical-themed foam stickers including hibiscus flowers with Monstera leaves, flamingo, starfish, pineapple, lemon slice, two pieces of watermelon, an ice cream cone, a popsicle, glasses, and mustache, but had no idea how to use them. I had thought about using them with my Barbies but didn’t know how to incorporate them. So, I put them away and forgot about them.

“Aloha! Welcome to Barbie’s Tropical Party!”

The other day I started to clean and take out things that I didn’t need or no longer use and I found the stickers. When out of the blue the idea hit my head and I instantly had to put it into action! You know, those times when it’s easier to get our heads ripped off than to get the idea out of our minds!

“We are creating beautiful memories together!”

I used a 5×7 frame to trace on a white cardstock. That was just enough for at least three dolls to peek out. Then I cut around and the inside part where the Barbies were going to stick out, leaving a thicker area at the bottom. Then I decorated my cardboard frame with the foam stickers and included other Monstera leaves in foam that I had made for another diorama. I love Monstera leaves! I think they are very appropriate for this type of tropical decoration!

I love the combination of the green tones with the pink!

I used the rest of the foam stickers for the props. I put toothpicks on the back, which were stuck with the glue from the stickers. They looked really cute! Now it was a matter of posing the dolls and getting the cardboard to stay in position as well as the props. For that purpose I used some mounting putty on the hands of my Barbies. It is easier to use dolls with bent arms than straight ones. I chose 1977 Superstar Barbie, Black Barbie, and Hispanic Barbie. I think they look super cute and having fun! You should try it sometime with the theme you prefer and create a party for your dolls. Look, Barbie has her own tropical party photo booth with props! Isn’t it fun!

“Join Barbie at the Tropical Party!”

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