Gift Giving Barbie 1988

“Every new day is a gift…that’s why we call it the present.” Gift Giving Barbie knows that and does not waste the opportunity to express her gratitude by giving us a gift, because any day is good to give a gift and tell someone how special is for us!

Gift Giving Barbie doll #1205

Gift Giving Barbie, 1988 edition, has become one of my favorite Barbie dolls right now! For some time, she was on my wish list, but it was not until I had her in my hands that I could appreciate how beautiful this Barbie is. I received her without her original box but new with all her new accessories too. I had to wash her hair which felt somewhat sticky and when it dried I was amazed at the spectacular hair she has! I have to say that hair is everything! Although it is not the same material that was used in Barbie dolls in the early 80’s I loved the waves it has and that I can mold it with my fingers.

Gorgeous hair and face!

Gift Giving Barbie from the year 1988 was made in Malaysia. She has soft, voluminous wavy blonde hair that is easy to mold. This Barbie has beautiful purple eyes, one of the things I also love about her. She has a nice and striking makeup ideal for going to a party and that combines very well with the color of her eyes. She uses blue eye shadow with lilac tones, magenta lipstick and blusher in pink tone. This is really one of the most beautiful faces I have in my collection!

She has the gift of looking great!

Gift Giving Barbie has the gift of looking great in her lacy lavender party dress! Pearlized lavender tricot dress features glittery puffed sleeves. The bodice is topped with a layer of white lace. Dress skirt is pearlized tricot with a lavender sparkle tricot overskirt. She also wears lavender bow-design pumps and lavender bow earrings and ring. A Barbie doll that is simple but looks truly beautiful and dazzling!

A gift for you from Barbie!

Gift Giving Barbie doll comes with two pretty cardboard gift boxes to assemble. The gift boxes have nice flower and bow designs and can be decorated with stickers that also come with Barbie. In addition to that, the doll comes with two surprise gift charms with its ribbons: one for Barbie, and one for you! The pink charms are designed with roses and have the letter B of Barbie!

She can carry the gift for you in the pretty gift box!
Gift Giving Barbie accessories.

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