Fashion Jeans Barbie 1981

Fashion Jeans Barbie from 1981 is the most glamorous fashion doll in jeans! With designer jeans, top, and boots, she’s got the hot fashion look!

Fashion Jeans Barbie doll #5315

This beautiful Barbie doll has one of the sweetest faces of the Barbie Superstar Era! Made in Philippines, Fashion Jeans Barbie has bendable legs, poseable arms, and “Twist ‘N Turn” waist. She has extra-long light blonde hair that I like to style in a ponytail on the side. She also has a very light “skin” tone compared to other Barbie dolls. Her makeup is very simple and delicate. She is wearing a bit of blue eye shadow and eyeliner framing her pretty deep blue eyes. She also has pink blush on her pale cheeks. Fashion Jeans Barbie really has this unique and fresh youthful look that makes her look like one of the cutest Barbies dolls around!

She’s the queen of the jeans scene!

Fashion Jeans Barbie wears hot looking, signature designer jeans, with her own famous name right on the back pocket. Even her fluffy pink sweater and style pink boots say, “Barbie!” Her fashion accessories include a satiny pink belt with Barbie face sticker buckle, rhinestone earrings and ring. She also brings pink comb and hairbrush. How stylish is Fashion Jeans Barbie! That’s why she is the queen of the jeans scene!

When Barbie doll wears a famous name- it’s hers, top to toe!

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