Ribbons and Roses Barbie 1994

Everything is ready in the castle garden! The tea table is set for two! Barbie is the hostess at this royal tea party for which you are the guest of honor! She’s so beautiful, kind and so classy! Between Ribbons and Roses, the best afternoon tea in England will be served!

Ribbons and Roses Barbie 1994
Ribbons and Roses Royal Tea Party for Two!

What a beautiful doll is Ribbons & Roses from 1994! She looks like a royal princess straight out of a fairy tale! What’s more, she seems to almost float through the garden in her magnificent long and wide gown that even gives the impression of being a teapot! This doll is another one of the underrated Barbies of the 90’s. But if we stopped to take a closer look, we would see an exquisite collector’s piece.

Ribbons and Roses Barbie 1994
At the royal tea party, Barbie serves a pleasant green tea with sweet orange blossoms. The perfect delight for a summer afternoon!

Ribbons & Roses Barbie, made in Malaysia, is Mattel doll #13911. She’s a special edition from Sears and very similar to Arcadian Court Barbie, released for Canada, of the same year, except for some details in the dress and with other accessories. I must admit that its creators put all the effort to make this Barbie doll look graceful and stylish, characterized by refined taste and beauty. That’s why our hostess at the tea party captures all eyes as she walks through the garden with elegance and delicacy, as if she were made of porcelain!

Ribbons and Roses Barbie 1994
Would you like some tea? The citrus aroma is delicious and relaxing.

In the light of the afternoon sun, her long soft light blonde hair seems to have gold threads woven into it. She brings it styled in a half-up do tied with a golden ribbon. Her makeup is perfect for a royal afternoon tea party! Her pretty big and expressive purple and green eyes are accentuated by top eyeliner and gold eyeshadow that shows up beautifully in the light. Her cheeks have a delicate blush like peaches from the orchard, and her terracotta lipstick gives a flawless finish to her gorgeous face.

Ribbons and Roses Barbie 1994
Barbie pairs her cup of tea with a tasty strawberry rose macaron. What flavor do you prefer the macaron?

But what fascinates everyone about Ribbons & Roses Barbie is her magnificent Victorian-style dress! What a beautiful and well made dress! Our tea party hostess is wearing a spectacular ballgown with a sheer glitter rose print organza over a white satin floor-length skirt, white bodice with vertical lines in gold glitter, and delicate butterfly sleeves made of the same fabric as the over-skirt with a gold trim. This majestic dress is complemented at the front with a large bow made with a long golden ribbon. The gold bow is a great subtle touch that adds sophistication to the dress. But, the outfit is not complete without the gold jewelry! Her jewelry sets off the gown with a stunning gold choker necklace, gold dangle earrings, and gold ring. And we can’t forget about her royal feet! What better than pearly white high heels for a princess like Ribbon & Roses Barbie! She also brings a pearl white hair brush.

Ribbons and Roses Barbie 1994
Ribbons & Roses Barbie awaits you to spend a memorable summer afternoon. Dress in your best clothes and come and enjoy delightful treats and the best tea in England surrounded by beautiful roses with the best company, Barbie!


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