Hispanic Barbie 1979

I want to share with you my first Barbie ever! She’s Hispanic Barbie and she’s so beautiful! She was the first Barbie doll I received for Christmas when I was a little girl, and she was a gift from my aunt. Sometime later, I don’t remember how, I lost her, sadly. Hispanic Barbie was the first Hispanic Barbie released by Mattel, alongside the first Black Barbie.

Hispanic Barbie came in a beautiful red and white dress, with a black lacy shawl, that captures the essence of Hispanic culture. She has very cool accessories: choker with rose; stud, hoop and dangle earrings; necklace and ring; stylish haircomb, and black strappy shoes.

Hispanic Barbie doll #1292

Hispanic Barbie has lovely dark eyes and long, dark hair, and her most special feature, to me, her beautiful steffie face. Definitely Hispanic Barbie is one of my favorite Barbies and I’m very happy to be able to have her again after so many years.

Gorgeous steffie face!

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