Another dazzling superstar is ready to rock! She’s Diva, the rockiest looking member of Barbie and The Rockers! With her unique and outstanding signature style, this member of the group captured the 80’s decade!

Barbie and The Rockers Diva doll #2427

One of the most iconic moments of the 1980s in Barbie history was the release of Barbie and The Rockers dolls. Diva is part of this vibrant rock band along with Barbie, Dereck, Dana, and Dee Dee. She plays electric guitar in the group and also sings backing vocals. For me, Diva is the one with the most rocker look of all the members of The Rockers! Her big, fluffy, bouncy hair, along with her vibrant, colorful outfit and makeup is a vivid representation of the rocker woman in the 80’s. She reminds me of Nancy Wilson, also guitarist of the famous 80’s rock band known as Heart.

The concert with The Rockers is getting closer and closer! Diva practices backing vocals of the band’s biggest hits!

Diva doll has a 1985 Diva/Midge face mold. This same face mold was used for Midge dolls from Mattel’s lines as Barbie and The Beat and Barbie All Stars. You can find the same face in Kayla doll from Barbie Dace Club and Bopsy doll from Barbie and The Sensations, among others . My Diva doll is a Philippines version. She has this big voluminous curly red hair that gives her the perfect rocker look and I love it because I love redheads! Diva has expressive blue eyes in two tones. She wears dramatic and bold eyeshadow in shades of teal and violet that give her a mind-blowing finish and make her stand out from the other Rockers. Her nude lipstick is perfect to make her eyes stand out even more!

Barbie and The Rockers Diva 1985
I’m dressin’ up, looking good and feeling so alive! I’m dressin’ up, got the clothes and I’m going in style!

Diva has the most fabulous and amazing outfit of all the Rockers! Her outfit speaks for itself and screams “rock” at the top of its voice! She wears one-piece jumpsuit/belt. The jumpsuit has metallic magenta pants and a neon yellow top with lace detail that you can tie around her neck. The belt consists of a thin neon yellow ribbon with an orange plastic buckle. But my favorite piece is her shiny teal blue jacket in iridescent material! This complements her rocker outfit perfectly and makes her shine on the stage! Diva comes with two accessories for her hair, a headband in silver metallic mesh with neon yellow and orange ribbons, and another in magenta furry material. She also wears yellow lace socks, orange heels, orange and yellow drop earrings, yellow ring, and orange bracelet. Diva doll also comes with a T-shirt with vinyl Rockers print, hairbrush, microphone, cardboard pressouts including a doll-size poster of The Rockers, gold record award, 2 photographs, 3 record album covers, 5 concert tickets, 2 sheets of music, plus child-size iron-on decal.

Now let’s rock with the electric guitar! What a great guitarist Diva is!

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