Dee Dee rocks in style with fun vibrant neon colors and makes her mark on the 80’s band Barbie and The Rockers as the brightest, most intense, and most skilled drummer in Barbie history!

Barbie and The Rockers Dee Dee doll #1141

Dee Dee is another member of the famous band created by Mattel in 1985, Barbie and The Rockers, along with Barbie, Dereck, Dana, and Diva. She is known in the group as a backing vocalist but mostly as the official drummer. Rocker Dancin’ Action Dee Dee doll was included in the second wave of Barbie and the Rockers released in 1987. Dee Dee doll was discontinued but remains as one of Barbie’s African-American friends who transcended time for her unique and bright style that is a tribute to 80’s fashion.

Barbie and The Rockers Dee Dee 1985
80’s rock style!

My Dee Dee doll was made in Philippines in 1985 and she has Spanish/Hispanic face mold from 1982. To be honest, this isn’t my favorite face mold. In fact, Dee Dee doll is the only doll in my collection that has this face mold. But I know that many people like it and that Mattel used it in many African-American and Hispanic versions of Barbie. So, Dee Dee’s face is widely recognized and valued among those of us who grew up playing with Barbie in the 80’s. Like other girls in Barbie and The Rockers, Dee Dee has big hair! Her voluminous black hair is a representation of the style that characterized female rocker singers of the 80’s. She has pretty amber brown eyes and wears bold makeup with violet and metallic silver eyeshadow.

It’s time to ring that drums! Dee Dee has to rehearse for the big concert with The Rockers!

Dee Dee has her signature style that sets her apart from the other Rockers by being bright and eye-catching with all those neon colors! Dee Dee wears a neon green graphic print top, “leather” mini skirt (which peels over time), and a beautiful animal-print rainbow leggings that I love! She also comes with two scarves that she can wear on her hair, one in orange lace and one in multicolored furry material, pendant earrings in yellow and orange, yellow ring, orange bracelet and orange heels. Dee Dee doll brings, like all Rockers, a T-shirt with vinyl Rockers print and in addition she comes with hairbrush, microphone, cardboard pressouts including a doll-size poster of The Rockers, gold record award, 2 photographs, 3 record album covers, 5 concert tickets, 2 sheets of music, plus child-size iron-on decal.

“Drummers, the poets of percussion, tell stories through their beats.”

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