Barbie loves to dress up for a party! She looks so pretty in her fancy pink dress and it’s easy to dress her, too! My First Barbie doll from 1996 is just waiting to have fun with you!

1996 My First Barbie doll #14592

This very cute Barbie doll is another edition of My First Barbie, a concept created by Mattel for younger children since its features made it easier for them to dress up Barbie. Despite being a simple Barbie doll, she is very special to me because she is a rescue that a friend of mine helped me make. This doll was destined for trash! She was extremely dirty, full of dust, and the box was even worse! It had to be discarded, because even though it was sealed it had a lot of damage and that was the reason why all that dust and dirt had gotten in. Fortunately, the doll didn’t require any special care, except for a good soapy bath and hair conditioning. Her clothes were also washed with detergent. Such a lovely Barbie doll deserved to have a chance to shine!

Pretty eyes and beautiful blonde hair!

My First Barbie from 1996 was made in Indonesia and you can find her in blonde, African American, and Hispanic versions. A year earlier she was marketed as My First Tea Party Barbie and included a tea set in her accessories, as well as coming in blonde, African American, Hispanic and Asian versions. Despite being a very simple Barbie doll, she has a very pretty face! I especially love her large and expressive beautiful blue and lavender eyes with a light green detail, soft lavander eyeshadow, and blue eyeliner. The delicate magenta pink lipstick looks perfect on her! She also has beautiful long blonde and shiny hair, and non-bending legs.

My First Barbie is easy to dress!

1996 My First Barbie comes dressed in a one-piece top, mini skirt and belt. The cute outfit consists of a strappy silky pink top with mesh fabric underneath. The pink mini skirt comes with an over skirt with multi-heart design and iridescent white details. The belt is made of iridescent white fabric with a bow in front. My First Barbie wears a pretty pink ribbon with bow on her head, pearl earrings and ring, and molded on pink shoes! So you don’t have to worry about losing a shoe! She also comes with a pink hairbrush.

Features molded on shoes!

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