Dana has to practice before the big concert with Barbie and The Rockers. She is the keyboardist of the band and also one of the vocalists. After Barbie gives the big announcement on TV, Dana prepares for one of her best performances with The Rockers in a concert for history!

Dana knows that practice makes perfect! So, let’s make some music!

Dana is one of the members of Barbie and The Rockers along with Dee Dee, Diva, Dereck, and Barbie of course. She is my favorite of the line created in 1985 after Mattel knew that its competitor Hasbro was going to launch the doll line JEM and The Holograms. Mattel achieved the great task of launching its Barbie and The Rockers line in record time and before Hasbro launched theirs.

Dana is the best keyboardist ever!

Barbie and The Rockers Dana is doll #1196. She was made in Philippines and has a beautiful Kira face mold. I love her Asian features accentuated by bold rock makeup! She has pretty brown eyes with eye shadow in shades of blue and metallic silver. The coral orange lipstick goes very well with her pale “skin” tone and several of her accessories. Another thing I love about Dana is her shiny long and straight black hair. For me it’s something distinctive in her and that makes her stand out among the others of the group.

Barbie and The Rockers Dana 1985
Beautiful Kira face mold!

Dana comes with neon orange lace top, blue wide belt with silver buckle, blue leggings, white jacket with triangles in orange, yellow, blue and silver, pendant earrings in orange and neon green, orange ring, bracelet, and heels. She also brings two types of hair scarf, one in neon orange lace and one in blue furry material. In addition, Dana brings a white T-shirt with vinyl Rockers print, hairbrush, microphone, cardboard pressouts including a doll-size poster of The Rockers, gold record award, 2 photographs, 3 record album covers, 5 concert tickets, 2 sheets of music, plus child-size iron-on decal.

After practice, Dana is ready to rock on stage! To give all the best in the concert of Barbie and The Rockers!

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