Barbie and The Rockers Dereck 1985

He goes on stage and the girls go crazy! Who’s that handsome rock star who brings everyone upside down? He’s Dereck, backup singer and guitarist of Barbie and The Rockers!

Barbie and The Rockers Dereck doll #2428

Dereck is one of the members of the rock band Barbie and The Rockers along with Barbie, Dana, Diva, and Dee Dee. He was the first boy in the band created in 1985, as in Mattel’s second wave of Barbie and The Rockers a Ken doll was included. Honestly, I prefer Dereck over Ken Rocker, both in the first and second waves of Barbie and The Rockers, although I like the first Dereck more for his colorful and bright outfit that is a reflection of the fashion of the 80’s.

Dereck looks very handsome with his 50’s style hair!

My Barbie and The Rockers Dereck doll #2428 was made in Taiwan in 1985. He has dark brown “hair” with copper highlights. I really like his pompadour hairstyle emulating the King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley. I prefer Dereck’s plastic hair to Ken Rocker’s “real hair” because to me Ken looks like astrologer Walter Mercado with that hair. Dereck Rockers has light “skin” and blue eyes.

Dereck has to practice his backing vocals before the big concert with Barbie and The Rockers!

Dereck doll wears a one-piece shirt/pants/tie. The sleeveless shirt is neon green with a black tie and the pants are black pleather that peel over time. Over his shirt, he wears a long-tailed jacket with multicolored designs and shimmering pink lapels to match his pink cummerbund. He also comes with neon green socks to match his shirt, and white tennis shoes. Like all Barbie and The Rockers dolls, Dereck brings a T-shirt with Rokers printed on vinyl, microphone, cardboard pressouts including doll-size poster of The Rockers, gold record award, 2 photographs, 3 record album covers, 5 concert tickets, 2 sheets of music, plus child-size iron-on decal!

He’s a dazzling superstar ready to rock!

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